Friday , December 4 2020
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17-year-old becomes youngest to die from vaping

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar discusses vaping regulations and aiding in the ongoing epidemic.

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    Китай готов пойти на увеличение закупок соя-бобов в США на 10 млн тонн в год – до 30 млн тонн, пишет газета Financial Times со ссылкой на осведомленные источники.

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  2. Libertarians in this comment section very cringe

  3. Hillary becomes the first to die from chronic running for President

  4. Well good for him . Only losers vape and smoke cigarettes

  5. $8 BILLION? 😯 That idiot just became a billionaire by suing with a dumb excuse. Who's the attorney? We need to know who this guy is that got his client $8 Billion.

  6. 23 people died what this year? What's the time frame? Not hard to trace what is causing the problem. What's the stuff they are inhaling? You're mixing 2 different kinds of vaping and blaming it all under one thing. Vaping ejuice vs dry herbs vs dabs vs whatever… Narrow it down.

  7. Ironic that YouTube is running an ad for Zod – a Juul charger – in front of this video.

  8. Vaping has been around for a decade, millions vape, but suddenly in the last six months it became deadly? Just regulate it enough to get rid of toxic liquids, and educate buyers to use only regulated liquids. This 'epidemic' (shameful hyperbole, Fox) would end overnight.

    The tabaco co was Losing Too much money to vaping 🤷🏻‍♀️ This is “their” cure 😡

  10. Why is a kid vaping. Hes to young hes a child and he shouldnt even have a vaping device. But more under age kids die from alcohol then vaping. Why isnt this an issue

  11. When I was this early, kids drinking booze was still considered controversial.

  12. Get to 1:30 you will see the real meaning and intent for this

  13. This vape crap is so dishonest… The people are dying from bootlegged cannabis cartridges!!

  14. Why is Phillip Morris' stock soaring?

  15. It’s not a ban becouse government wants money! Idiots out illegal crap in them

  16. It's not THC in general, it's because it's from the black market. These things need to be regulated.

  17. Will somebody please! tell me what kills more people flavor! alcohol! or flavored! e-cigarettes!

  18. 0 sympathy. You KNOW FULL WELL it’s bad for you. Patients struggle for life EVERYDAY, and these idiots smoke/vape?!

  19. I get the clickbait but don't be like cnn.

  20. What about people who die from cigarettes, also is the stuff people dieing from the black market stuff or stuff on the shelves

  21. Smoking, Vaping …all bad why are people so bored? Ban the whole stuff and save the kids & next generation.
    Regulated or not !!!

  22. It's the THC products made and bought on the streets. They make it with butane.. It's a cheep way of making it. Who would want to inhale butane. I know this has to be the reason

  23. Where are the parents? Its illegal already for a 17 year old to have this. Is the government going to make this double illegal?

  24. This while cigarette smoking is still legally killing millions who even have never smoked

  25. putting wet vapers in your lungs is bad? YOU MEAN DROWNING IS BAD????

  26. …talk about a dumb way to die.

  27. They still have no clue if it was the vaping.

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