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17-year-old becomes youngest to reportedly die from vaping | ABC News

The death of the teenager in New York brings the death toll from vaping-related illnesses to 23 people across the country.

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  1. I don’t agree with smoking or vaping, but I think blaming it on bright, colorful cartoonish packaging is ridiculous. Tanning bed lotion also has bright, cartoonish packaging, and people die from skin cancer all the time. I started tanning at 16, but smartened up a few years ago after my second skin biopsy in my early 20s. Blame the person dumb enough to do the act, not packaging.

  2. Yeah stop the misinformation campaign.these people were using bootleg vape and thc cartridges.tell the whole story,not the half you want to spin a certain way.no wonder that asshat trump calls you fake news.no more lies about vaping.its been proved to be very safe and it has saved countless cigarette smokers from a whole lot of pain before they finally die from cigarettes.

  3. Wtf even too much salt kills I be dam

  4. You are an idiot to take anything into your lungs other than air.

  5. 23 total! OMG, How many people died from cigarettes, TODAY- 978, TOTAL-23 MILLION!!! Give us real news ABC!!! Don't just follow, LEED!

  6. Those packages all looked like black market stuff. If youre going to talk about the marketing, how about we crack down on slot machines too. All those bright colors and cartoon figures.

  7. I don’t blame his parents for wanting to sue for slander… go to hell

  8. You people are fucking sick he was my friend he died from HLH not from vaping STOP USING MY FUCKING FRIEND FOR VIEWS HE HAD A DISEASE

  9. Melanie: “ I DON’T GIVE a Flying FUCK. Do you??”

  10. ABC reporters are taking these illness stories and are lying about them specifically redacting THC Pods form the stories

  11. My teacher told me he used to go to my school

  12. Where is the research or proof to support these accusations? I’m constantly hearing the deaths and sicknesses are “thought” or “linked” to e-cigs but nothing definitive as far a hard evidence or irrefutable proof. Let’s focus on something a little more sophisticated.

  13. Theyre marketed towards potheads you morons

  14. This sound like a problem of dehydration

  15. I’m so pissed let’s talk about cigarettes!!ive lost 2 family members over 3 years from cigarettes causing lung cancer!!my grandma is a cancer survivor and now just diagnosed again now lung cancer so wtf why are you idiots not doing anything about cigarettes that have been causing millions of deaths guess it’s ok to sell that poison ?

  16. Fucking kids these days, is there nothing that doesn't appeal to them??

  17. Fake crisis.
    Ban the "news", it contributes to far more 'mental illness' issues everywhere.

  18. He probably used the black market counterfeit vapes (who knows what's in them…), not the legitimate ones. And what people don't seem to realize is the fact that these vape bans will only make that problem worse. The more they ban the real thing, the more people will just be going to get the counterfeits which are most likely the REAL problem at hand, not the legit stuff being sold on the shelves. It will have the complete reverse effect if that is the case. Why don't people see that???

  19. You are playing with the states money from big Tobacco when you vape and don't buy cigarettes. Look up the TOBBACO MASTER SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT 1998.

  20. Why dont they ban tobacco as well , it's 100 times worse?

  21. Fake products = death
    Real products = alive

  22. I get more sick having ABC in my system. THC is never the culprit, you old fossils.

  23. Too bad that fake cartridges don't mean fake deaths

  24. What is in the, please expose the real cause.

  25. If ABC pays attention to comment problem solved investigate stilllzy vaping products in San Diego county some of them come contaminated something that looks like pesticide bootleg direct company earnings as percentages of the underground business

  26. I bet it's caused by a pulmonary infection. It's not the THC.

  27. Everybody smoke cigarettes

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