Tuesday , December 1 2020
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2 associates of Rudy Giuliani arrested for illegal campaign contributions

Federal prosecutors say they were doing it to “buy potential influence” and were using some funds from Russia.


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  1. Impeach Trump's corrupt WH! Impeach and remove trump! So sick of Benedict Donald.

  2. The fake news placating the the lost sheep, aka YOU. Shoe shine boys compared to creepy Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton. Dumbed-Down Americans never investigate outside fake news.

  3. LOL! Trump so dumb getting dirt or planting dirt on Biden that might get him impeached when it’s actually Andrew Yang who will win the nomination for the Democrats!

  4. How can Republicans defend criminals?

  5. Associates? Oh, right! "Guilt by Association"! Nice try…lol.

  6. Those poor souls! Collateral damage of #ShiftySchiff and #NadlessNadler TREASONOUS TRAITOROUS witch hunt! I'll be praying for them!

  7. Trump is alone in his room shaking in fear". The walls are closing in..
    Na na na na na na na na hey hey hey goood byyye!!!!! Let's get this over quickly" take the head and the body will fall!!!!!!!.,, 🗣️👤

  8. they look like guys that would be in the movie home alone

  9. Donald Trump is such a liar and a conman

  10. These guys look like the product of incest.

  11. Trump allegedly claiming concerns about Giuliani's relationship to Ukrainians because he knows what's going to come out of the investigation once Congress put their hands on the alleged Ukrainians helping Giuliani digging dirt about Biden the stuff going to hit the fan… Way to go Rudy….. Smiles, smiles everybody you are been taking care of by your friendly US Congress…. Got to love it … 😊😊😊😊😊

  12. Stop reporting on some of this stuff. You don't really know. You're speculating and its hearsay. Everyone is pointing fingers every which way. It just causes confusion and miss information. I hope someone and some government body finally sorts this all out someday and we know the truth. Until then I'm not watching any Trump news or political news. You have thoroughly turned me away from campaign news and all things government.

  13. If Rudy doesn't already has tread marks on his back, he will soon.

  14. Sad not the news but how ABC news outlets.
    If this was obama nothing would have been said

  15. Forgot to mention DeSantis and McCarthy.

  16. Talk about Biden , Trump is the biggest idiot if he thinks for one moment we believe his lying arse !

  17. Actually the didn't break any law. The are charged with a non crime.

  18. So Rosie o Donnell did the same thing for Hillary and nothing happened to her. This is Fake News. A lame attempt to distract from Joe biden and the corruption that's about to be exposed all the way to Obama. Wonder why obama is avoiding biden like the plague? Wake up America. Lame stream media is the enemy of the people.

  19. This just made my morning. Trump is going to fall hard and I can't wait

  20. fbi framing trump so that democrats can destroy america

  21. But CREEPY Joe Biden lives on even with a video of a Quid Pro QUO !!!!! Lmfao !!!! Our media and Democrats are in cahoots ! So obvious . Sad .

  22. Lock um all up. Such deceit ,and lying through their grinning teeth where the weak and the gullible are swept in by the con men. Greedy Snake salesmen . Running to and fro trying to sell their evil goods.

  23. Wheres Rudy the Rat?..can't wait for him to open that man pleaser!!!

  24. Nothing like the Clinton Foundation of money laundering though, is it … You DumboRats have got nothing, try as you may … Keep America Great !!!

  25. I trust not one politician from either side

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