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2 children dead in crash with stolen police SUV | ABC News

Police in Dayton, Ohio, say a man allegedly fled the scene of a stabbing before getting into a police SUV and crashing it into a van carrying seven children.

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  1. You had the chance to shoot him? Why did you not? Bad bad police work,, actually you all need retraining , don’t hesitate, see what happens when you do?? Dead people all arround you and for what? Pathetic:(

  2. A black man will never play with a cop car

  3. This is absolute bull crap.. She was in my school. I wish he could honestly die.

  4. Tasers are not very useful when the suspect is already inside the driver's seat of your patrol car. 0:23

  5. my respect and love to the childrens involve….always innocents, am so sad about it brou

  6. Someone needs to get locked up for the rest of their life.

  7. I saw a similar video where the cop shot the suspect once he entered the police car. Why did this cop not shoot the perp?

  8. Why didn't the cops shoot the suspect in the moving vehicle?.. Oh wait Idiot progressives took that option away from the police..


  10. I hope the officer understands he could have saved those children

  11. No prays, more laws. Officer should have been able to shot that guy. Once you steal a police car you should be shot and killed because your just worthless life. Defending this means he homeless and a drugy

  12. In this case I would’ve been all for the police shooting the suspect

  13. That fat ass cop appeared to do very little in response to the situation. He was backing away before the suspect even took off. Great job securing a stabbing suspect officer candyass. WTF?

  14. Demonic possessed, cruel, evil, satanic behavior!!. Sooo sad, Jesus heal, protect, strengthen, comfort, the afflicted!!! 8/28/19.Tue.@3:23PM.

  15. Her dress is distracting these poor babys omg that's so horrific

  16. Not suprised, deadly stuff like this happens 24/7 all over the world.

  17. If he was black we all know those dumb cops would of killed him before he even got into the police car. White privilege never seems to surprise me. Now since those kids died, those cops should be to blame. I REST MY CASE…

  18. Lies. Keep up the stupid emergency responder drills.
    YA… The FEW know exactly what YOU are doing.
    Save it for the sleeping human zombies who believe EVERYTHING you sell. 🖕

  19. What the hell is wrong that officer for not pulling out his gun and shooting that bastard when he knew damn well that car was speeding off!? When you got a nut like that stealing cruisers it's go time! People today, I swear they've got no sense!

  20. America, what a joke of a country, the developed country that has the most innocennt deaths in the world because stupiidity and selfishness are worshipped. Who needs war to kill Americans when there are enough American psychopaths, idiots, criminals, druggies and selfish politicians killing Americans everyday. If only the cop had shot the suspect the minute he was resisting arrest, 2 innocent children would haven't been killed.

  21. I'm amazed he didn't fear for his life. Standing inside the door frame was a death trap. If the suspect didn't have a weapon why didn't he jump in the vehicle with him and at least struggle to get the key or if it used a key fob press the button to turn it off? where were the backup cops, why wasn't one on the driver's side door pulling him out? None of this makes any sense and unfortunately 10 people are seriously injured with 2 children dead. In this case it would've been justified to use deadly force as the vehicle is a weapon of mass destruction. btw, going forward is a lot faster than reversing how was dude able to get away reversing or even able to make a turn around with another cop car chasing him yet no maneuvers like pitting or ramming the vehicle to make it stop he was able to get away for 5 miles within 10 minutes???🤔🙄. Tragic. Just tragic!😪😢😭

  22. Looking at the guys mugshot he doesnt seem like the kind of person that should of ever been let out of jail. Where are the diciplinary actions toward the person that released him?

  23. I hope who did this gets his/her comeuppance in prison! God bless these innocent Children.

  24. If there wasn’t such an immense pressure against police officers authority to utilize deadly force, that officer probably wouldn’t have opted for his taser but instead used his service issue to neutralize the threat and prevent the subsequent tragedy that befell those poor children. He would have been totally justified but his reluctance stemmed, I’ll bet my paycheck, from the thought that he would be vilified for his actions.

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