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2 crew members, passenger overcome by fumes on flight

A pilot aboard the American Airlines plane flying from London to Philadelphia radioed that a cleaning product had spilled and the fumes were too strong for some.



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  1. What is happening with these planes lately? It's never ending with plane troubles.

  2. Isn't the cleaning product part of the hazardous material ban?

  3. I always feel like this on an Aeroplane just after being served the meal!!

  4. More Lemon Pledge. Mr Superman no here. No. No. No.

  5. Juan never should have ate those loaded bean burritos before the flight.
    The bathroom facilities were no match to his fire and fury.

  6. Overcome by fumes? Did someone eat too many beans or chili fart and make people's eyes water

  7. The media loves going after the airlines…"
    It sells it self…
    Every incident has to be on the air right a way !!!

  8. Just forget about it , just fly if you get killed on a plane it’s you problem, your all funny

  9. Hmmm🤔🤔🤔 ..Why? Would someone just so happen to leave this deadly liquid on the plane. 🤔.. was this a test run for some thing bigger..We need some investigation journalists on this issue,remember through history when the country is divided and issues in government.. what unfortunate events happen.. ..

  10. Oh shit one of my family members is a flight attendant on that plane

  11. Who ever mixed Ammonium and Chloride needs to be held responsible for everyone effected by Mustard Gas Poisoning those people. Look up the compounds in Mustard Gas which is Ammonia and Chlorine. Those people could've died and need breathing treatments to get the toxins out. If not, moisture can build and those people can die rather quickly. They need to get to a dry hot place for 6 weeks and not smoke cigarettes or anything to cause the chemicals to be moved by multiple processes of the body. I hope Denmark isn't cold and wet right now, or those people are at a greater risk of death. Same treatment for Mustered Gas Poisoning. They won't like having to do this stuff.. atleast if they get moved to a desert, they won't be stuck inside the whole time? And that only applies on conditions. After 2 weeks the chemicals might have escaped their systems. Leftover Moisture in the lungs can take another 2 days.. and they would be good. They need Fresh Dry Heat.. 24/14.. 😉

  12. A dangerous cleaning product was accidently left on board.. and NOBODY noticed it?? … would they have noticed a bomb left on board? or worse? Nothing fails like human error .. over and over again.

  13. I'm freaking believeable…you could make a movie "bleach on a plane"…

  14. Sounds like the two crew members were trying to get high on the flight, things got a little out of hand, and they ended up passing out and narrowly dodged being arrested

  15. Everybody's HIGH in an airplane….. High in altitude 😂 😁

  16. Wow I hope everyone is okay.

  17. Welcome to Philadelphia !

  18. Accidentally left on the plane lol
    By a non speaking English person lol

  19. Dumb how it only hit 2 crew members. Bs lies

  20. People don't get high on airplanes for a reason.

  21. Somebody trying to cop a cheap high , huffing chemicals from a plastic bag.

  22. I took the same plane and the same route that is so scary

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