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2 pilots arrested for attempting to fly while intoxicated l ABC News

The two United pilots are scheduled to appear in court in Scotland after being apprehended before a flight from Glasgow to Newark, New Jersey.

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  1. For Anyone Who would like to know what happened that day I’m from Scotland And was at Glasgow Airport Because I Go there Like 3 times a month to do plane spotting to see the new Emirates Airbus A380 Take Of to go Dubai So On that Day I went to Glasgow Airport Because Theres A Farm there Where you can pick strawberries And Vegetables So I went there I Arrived Just As the Emirates A380 Take Off So we watched it soar into the sky And then We Drove Round to the farm But then I Noticed The United 757 Sitting On the taxi Apron Just Sitting There But That was the first time I saw it there Because I know from A flight tracking app that the plane is meant to Take off at 9:30am but I was at the airport at 3:00pm So that’s when I new something was wrong so I Checked for it And it was cancelled so I went on with my day then when I got home and found out the pilots where arrested

  2. I think they should have the limit as driver's do

  3. Had to be United 🤣😂 they were lit

  4. The only thing new about pilots flying drunk is them getting caught 🙄

  5. If you are too drunk to fly…..Call in sick! Do not be a dumbass!

  6. Iv met loads of pilots in clubs pissed out there heads with flights in the morning…

  7. what's with pilots thinking it's cool to get sauced up before heading to work… like they work at a park, only greeting cars or something..

  8. Wow pilots arrested every month, I would hate to fly with drunk passengers much less a pilot

  9. The pilots should have taken heroin to get rid of the hangover like what Denzil Washington did on that movie he was in flying that plane.

  10. Normal rule for pilots is bottle to throttle 10 hours!

  11. It does happen often. Pilots enjoy their booze. Well they cant take antidepressants or tranquilizers. Alcohol is the only thing that they can use that dissipates in the bloodstream.

  12. My nephew is a commercial airline Captain pilot and he take his job very seriously and he would NEVER do what these pilots did. If anything he would have reported them immediately and have them removed from the plane.

  13. All pilots should have to submit to a breathalyzer test before getting on the flight

  14. Yeah, but some judges and some cops and some doctors are drunk all the time.

  15. A.i. Will soon be taking their jobs.

  16. Until they settle alcohol regulation what we do as passengers to be safe try to kiss the mouth of the pilots before we get to the plane to check smell alcohol in their breath or pray the whole flight until arrival to destination

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