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2 pilots rescued by US Coast Guard after hard landings near Tampa

Federal investigators are looking into two separate incidents that happened near each other in a muddy field in Ft. Meade, FL.



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  1. I recently learned it is an actual criminal offense to steal dog poop from your neighbor's yard.

  2. Hard landings? those are crashes…

  3. weres a re-deploy when you need one

  4. I picked one hell of a day to quit drinking

  5. I think natural earth magnetic interference brought both aircraft's down in same spot.

  6. When the Bermuda triangle moves a bit inland, only in Florida!

  7. Oh damn not a muddy field…

  8. Damn! Polk county rocking that Transport Little Bird

  9. it's not a hard Landing it's a crash what's this nonsense with hard landings

  10. It’s not a rescue if it hit the ground. You picked me up. I’m grateful, I’m just saying Uber eats would’ve given me a ride to the hospital too AND some comfort food.

  11. I think is women is dramatic and impeachment are completely different way round of globe 🌏 about like door to door and invites to our Kingdom Hall and circuit overseer too

  12. ABC forgot to tell US HOW TRUMPs involved??

  13. US Coast Guard is no joke- those dudes got bawlz of steel. Check it:

  14. Time for these retard amateur aviators to start footing the bill for all these rescues when they crash their stupid little airplanes.

  15. There are hard landings, and there are crashes. These were both crashes. Hard landings usually happen at an airport when the pilot is trying to land and guess what? Lands to hard. haha They usually result in wounded pride, and landing gear inspections. They don't end up on their sides in the trees. The helicopter I am going to guess entered into a vortex ring state when circling and the relative wind suddenly shifting to the rear of the helicopter, at that point the translational lift is lost, and the typical response is to then add power, making the air turbulent right below the rotor disk. This in turn further reduces the amount of lift on the blades, and the only way to get out of it is to actually reduce pitch on the collective, and fly out of the turbulent air, and restore translational lift by increasing forward relative wind speed. If this is not recognized by the pilot, or it happens too low, the result is an ever increasing loss of lift being countered by increasing power, making it worse not better, and you end up in your own rotorwash, and falling in a descent with power condition. As for the autogyro, I have no info, but I would surmise loss of engine power but, whether that is due to fuel starvation or mechanical I can not say.

  16. Micro down burst of weather?

  17. The " Bermuda Triangle " is back !

  18. Our military rocks. Thank goodness no one was killed. Helicopters have always given me the heebie jeebies!

  19. I hope they're ok and thank you to US Coast team, big applause! Well done team!

  20. Sub to meeee I will give you 1k $$

  21. Those Coasties are the BEST!

  22. Thank god for the coastguard

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