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2 vaping-related deaths reported in Minnesota l ABC News

The two new deaths bring the total across the country to more than two dozen deaths as the makers of e-cigarette products are under pressure. READ MORE:

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  1. For those who want to stop taking any chemicals into their lungs, the Good Air In video on YouTube has a pledge card to use as a tool. With due regard to the rights of adults, we think this is reasonable. Do you think so?

  2. How many deathbfrom them guns you love so much? Or hospital negligence? Its all from fake thc carts. These twats talking like cigarettes dont exist.

    Hiws about that fentanyl yall be killing yourselves with over their lots off funny videos of americans of that stuff america is a 2nd world country

  3. I’m still in high school and I don’t vape because I’m not a nicotine junkie and I just prefer good ol’ oxygen

  4. I decided not to watch this because it's all defamation and propaganda towards the vaping industry and it's really not worth anyone's time. So I decided to make a text meme instead:

    Over 5 Million people live in Minnesota.
    Vapes: Exist
    News: 2 people died in Minnesota who also turned out to Vape. Vaping is murder.

  5. 11 supposed vapers in 10 years or 500 million in 1 year from cigarettes. you dumb as fuck to say vaping is worse than cigarettes.Take away cigarettes not my flavors,then go eat a dick.

  6. Its addicting u need to force stop them now

  7. It's the fake thc carts you stupid fucks

  8. Why are they not saying its the THC carts that cause the deaths??? The illegal ones too??? Black market sales of THC carts is killing kids and making them sick. That's the real news.

  9. yeah go out and buy some low nic to get off your vaping addiction, dont blame juul maybe the parents should be parents!

  10. I started using 0 nic last year and smoke weed instead of thc wax or carts

  11. Asthma+smoking= severe asthma injury. Not juuls fault, just someone who didn't care

  12. Lets look at facts. There are about 7 million JUUL users across the states. If JUUL is causing the illnesses or deaths we would have a 7 million people reporting same thing. If you do better research you will find that there are aftermarket illicit JUUL pods filled with same black market ingredients that causing lung illnesses just like the CARTS do. This is what prohibition does. Regulation is the solution. And to add, she is taking JUUL to court for something that her Teenage son doing illegally…these are adult products and kids are not armatures, they know they are breaking the law and instead of proper parenting they go after manufacturers? I dont remember anyone taking bottle or liquor manufacturers to court because teens drink alcohol, drive and die in car accidents.

  13. Y’all are so ignorant it pisses me the fuck off y’all are putting off a life saving alternative for adult smokers just because some stupid ass teens are buying boof shit from Tommy down the street because he saves em an extra $5

  14. It’s the black market juices that is killing

  15. Ive been vaping during this whole epidemic and shocker I'm perfectly fine. Strictly buy from reputable shops and I smoked since I was 13 27 now I sleep all night without vaping and I'm using 3mg nic lol

  16. Just STFU all you corporate serving aholes. 2 died….what about millions that tabaco kills. What about all those alive because they quit by E-cig. God forbid you regulate it, get the Chinese poisons out of it and consider it the most successful quit-tabaco product ever. Money grabbing, blood sucking, murderous corporations are making me sick.

  17. I see mainstream media is supporting the tobacco companies now

  18. Dear parents, take responsibility for your kids

  19. I don't condone underage nicotine vaping to me the product is all about getting off combustible cigarettes… this is it illegal THC cartridges which is a felony offense to have since it is a purified substance.

  20. Nobody has died from VAPING, ONLY FROM BUYING VITAMIN E DAB PENS (WEED VAPES) this is total crap by big Tabacco. Vaping is 90% safer then cigarettes this is horsecrap!

  21. These Kids Are Putting More Than Nicotine In There…Seen It With My Own Eyes.

  22. when will you fuckers listen and figure out its the thc carts

  23. What about the deaths from cigarette lung cancer ? Can we ban those ?

  24. Young people don’t care.

  25. No one forced him to use e – cig. He made bad choices. Is called natural selection.

  26. A long time ago I was Vaped it hurts so bad still the memories are there so painful

  27. Just smoke cigarettes like a man.

  28. its the Joker,.,.,he's been using Brand-X ,.

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