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2-year-old fatally shot on Detroit interstate l GMA

Multiple arrests have been made after 2-year-old Brison Christian, the nephew of a Detroit police officer, was gunned down in the back of his parents’ car on an interstate last Thursday.

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. you know im getting sick and tired of the media always showing only black peoples tragedy's. I mean , are they telling us that were the only people in the world who have confrontations or problematic situations?? STOP YOUR AGENDA MEDIA leave us alone.

  2. 😭😭😭😭😭😭 what in the world?

  3. Blm fines it ok when a criminal points a gun to a ladies stomach but when its a little boy i hear crickets

  4. I'm sure it was one of these "white supremacists" Joe and the insurectionist eff be eye keep talking about.

  5. be children dying from gun violence children dying from covid-19 now in the inevitable months it all comes down to the people of this country the voter and the politicians currently we continue to say and promote as a country when the chips are down we don't care about life at all time and time again the shootings happen massive amount of people die from covid stupidity treating it like a joke.

    Be it a weapon or covid-19 people are dying children are dying it's bad enough the numbers are skyrocketing form gun deaths and covid now we got to worry about a covid varient that targets children are we as anation really willing to add the children of this nation to that body count children are the future and I for one am not okay with sacraficing are future to weapons and covid-19.

    covid-19 kills the adults now it targte the young there's no longer a age limit with covid it kills all ages it's time we put aside are fears swallow are pride and do what ever it takes to assure a future weapons and covid cant' matter more than life it ain't right America do the right thing start caring about life care about the future because if enough of the children die we really won't have a future and i for one want this country hav abright one.

  6. Since BLM would sadly ignore the loss of this innocent 2 year old, they decide to protest for a criminal that is looked at as a “hero”

  7. Geez crime is out of control in Democrat-run cities.


  9. Again?? This just happened twice

  10. 🗣️🗣️🗣️BLM!??? 🗣️ HELLO? ….🔇👂🏼🔇👂🏼

    🤔I think my volume must be off, bc I don't hear a thing from them🤷🏼‍♀️

  11. cuz some bitch cant get off and knuckle up

  12. Let’s thank the NRA for their wonderful promoting of guns without a permit and weak sentences.

  13. Stop glorifying gangs and get right with God!!

  14. Yeah I think defunding the police was the right thing to do you crazy ass democrats.

  15. Let me guess, the is the fault of republicans right?
    Dems have a gang problem

  16. I’d be damned that’s why I think it’s dumb to ride with your gun in the trunk instead of on you… no other way to deal with a situation like this

  17. leadership need to step up stop blaming just fix the problem together

  18. the only people in this country dying and forgotten are people of color and their children when a white person's child or white woman or white cop dies then the country cares. I hope the family able to get justice peace and closure even though I know that child value less than an animal in the eyes of America.

    though maybe it's better this way that mask and blinders are that America exposed for what it is a country of evil, bigotry, and corruption pretending to be about life, justice, wholesome religion, and democracy a country that prophets off suffering and misery.

  19. My god when will this end!

  20. This is one of the reasons I left MI and Detroit is a he!! Hole once middle class envy of the world

  21. This would be an issue for well funded police to solve perhaps prevent. Wait…. They're defended and couldn't do anything about this young soul being murdered but what does ABC care. They have armed security and live in gated communities

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