Saturday , October 16 2021
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2-Year-Old Girl and 3-Month-Old Boy Found by Border Patrol Along Rio Grande

Border Patrol agents spotted a 2-year-old girl and her 3-month-old brother from Honduras along the Rio Grande River — the latest instance of children abandoned amid a surge in migrants trying to cross the southern border. The children did not require medical attention and are now in HHS custody, Border Patrol says.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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2-Year-Old Girl and 3-Month-Old Boy Found by Border Patrol Along Rio Grande


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  1. SEND THEM BACK to their countries,let their president and social service decide the next steps to take

  2. Until you have walked a mile in these people shoe, you will never understand.

  3. My god 🥺😢😭 I am so blessed to live in a safe country. These poor children. Can you imagine thinking your child is better off being thrown over a fence or left on a river bank rather than with you. I can’t even 😱

  4. This is the face of Joe Biden's open border policy! Disgusting! How does he sleep at night?

  5. The southern border has completely collapsed. It is total invasion at this very moment. The FAA has shutdown all drone flights near the border, as of today. So video of the invasion can't be taken. NBC is NOT reporting the current news about the border.

  6. Oh yeah God loves us all huh???

  7. It's funny all the empathy for the Afghans but none for the Mexicans. Their government is corrupt too. These people are running for their lives and their children's lives…

  8. Wtf is wrong with these parents???

  9. Brought on by decades of US meddling in other countries affairs.

  10. .. NBC NEWS? 👨‍💼 thank you for sharing reliable Intel information! 🖥 regarding and pertaining to: 2 year old girl and 3 month old boy found by border patrol along Rio Grande! 🌊 it's SO SAD! 😢 and HEARTBREAKING! 💔 I totally understand the great NEED! That people in third world countries are experiencing! 🧐 basic necessities! such as shelter! 🏠 food!, and water! 💧 is scarce or unavailable! 🧐 but that's still NO! EXCUSE!! 😡 to abandon a 2 year old girl! 👧🏻 and a 3 month old boy! 👶 this is TOTALLY IRRESPONSIBLITY! OF THE PARENTS! 🧐 and thank GOD! 🙏 these 2 children! 👧🏻👶That were abandoned were NOT! HARMED! 😌 and GODBLESS!! 🙏 THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! 🇺🇸👏🧐❤

  11. Those kids had a better chance in life with their mom. There’s seriously nothing for them in the US.

  12. Its so sad and desperate to leave helpless children in middle of no where.
    Really scary for these babies. Not getting tlc they need for mental growth. And what kind of foster parents are they placed with? So they got adopted? Its incomprehensible people would abandon their babies. Left with NO ONE. NO FAMILY AND STRANGERS TAKING THEM IN..ITS NOT RIGHT.

  13. Jesus. So sad. Why would a mother do that?!!!

  14. these illegals break American laws to get in & we feed them house them free health care but when an American citizen breaks the laws we go to jail lose our children lose our jobs & home ! F biden

  15. Biden administration this is a man made disaster and all the drugs coming over here at least Trump had a plan and it was controlled

  16. Return them to their country & parents

  17. Ugh. We don’t need them here anyway!

  18. Probably Traffickers also the US isn't Enforcing US immigration laws dating back to the 70s about if you cross the border and surrender you can claim Asylum Status thus Remain In Mexico and Title 42 are unlawful Title 42 and some weaker form was wrote in the 40s Congress should repeal the 70s law but enforce it because it's Federal law

  19. Let em in…Let em all in.

  20. Not a crisis apparently. How come AOC doesn’t go down to the border? Maybe she doesn’t care any more.

  21. The Cartels are doing this on purpose , so the kids take up a lot of their focus.. While they smuggle stuff in on the other end. They even admitted to doing so

  22. Thats Joe Bidens America….This is what happens when you open the border and promise the world free tax payer healthcare and money from Americans


  24. No this is criminal the parents tink they can just drop kids and the hole family get reunited in U.A.S. Like the kid from Honduras .

  25. What kind of parents would live there own kids in a hot DESERT alone? What wrong with these people?

  26. Who's abandoning them? Abandon them "back".

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