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2 young men say they almost died from vaping l Nightline

The men, ages 17 and 20, were both hospitalized for severe respiratory illness and placed on ventilators. Experts say the effects of vaping, especially on young people, are still largely unknown.

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  1. I'm not saying that vaping is safe but think about the money that's being cut from tobacco. Why aren't we blowing up the hundreds of thousands of people that die every year from cigarettes.

  2. This stressed me out I need a hit off my juul

  3. Well, this is the end of the vaping era

  4. I don’t believe this BS.

  5. People need to realize that some are allergic to propylene glycol. This is very well known… It can make some vomit and etc

  6. Still better than those kids smoking cigs

  7. What about the chemicals we inhale from factories

  8. Since he’s underage he probably got black market pods

  9. Direct causation can’t be found😁. The FDA, AMA AND THE MSM…. never can find causation!!!!!

  10. "You are inhaling things that i can't even pronounce , so if you are inhaling chemicals that i can't even pronounce you are inhailng the wrong thing" wtf big tobacco company and mainstream media you should try little harder if you are fear mongering 2 cases of death of about millions of vapers of which they don't even give enough evidence that it happened dew to strictily vaping .

  11. Cigarettes look healthy compared to VAPES LOL

  12. Simple: legalize marijuana

  13. Half the fucks they showed are “vaping “ Juul pods they said for ever ago juul pods are terrible for u

  14. I vape cbd I have really bad anxiety what else am I suppose to do do benzo that’s worse it might give you seizures if you stop using it so what the safe way ain’t nothing safe in this world everyone dieing out of something or getting sick .

  15. Notice how they say that vaping was not determined to be the direct cause. It goes to show you that these are scare tactics but they slip in a little disclaimer to cover their ass from a potential lawsuit.

  16. Stop smoking everything! INhaling hot smoke or vapor damages lungs! STOP falling for these lies! The CEOs of these companies CLAIM their products were not marketed to teens/children, but they HAD TO have know that this same demographic would find these products appealing. Haven't WE learned enough from "big tobacco's" LIES??? Damnit! If you've already started, find a way to STOP! If you HAVEN'T started, DON'T START!

  17. I don't quite understand yet,

    Can I get another uncomfortable close up of some dude's fat cloud?


  18. It’s always funny to the see the amount of dislikes and bias comments that arise when someone makes a video against vaping. These nicotine addicted fiends will do anything to rationalise their addiction.

  19. you not even 18 to be vaping

  20. So at 4:20 she literly said we don't have any scientific proof that vapings bad 😹😹😹. Tf is this viv even for the whole thing is b.s. in sure vaping isn't "good" for you but I don't think its bad ether. Fucking nerds

  21. I think these kids are pulling a Jussie Smollet

  22. Smoking and vaping, both cause shit. But i belive vaping is safer, not safe but safer than ciggys

  23. These people I think are using fake thc carts and there ordering fake juul pods online.and there mixing there juices with something there also getting horrible shit from china

  24. Kids do stupid stuff ALL THE TIME. Here’s a life tip: Don’t do drugs until you’re 25 years old.

    How did they get the vape pen anyway?

  25. Oh poor you just kidding fuck boy that's what you get for buying your vape juice from a smoke shop.

  26. The media so stupid. I don’t give a d*** about any kid who got hospitalized over vaping if they weren’t 18 😂

  27. @ABCNEWS The title to your fear mongering youtube video should be relabeled as "Kids are hospitalized from a moronic addiction, allowed by their moronic PARENTS" You're simply rehashing the same fear mongering news about "Vaping". There are several medical studies that have been published from across the world about non-cigarette smoking vaper's and the short term affects. A four year study conducted in Italy concluded there were no changes in health and no lung damage. They even found that Vaping in certain cases reversed some of the effects of combustable cigarette smoking! Report on that! The media is in the pockets of all these Pharma/Tobacco companies. Wake up you SHHEEEEEEP! Here ABC report on this –> https://youtu.be/2hcp6EEC4TM

  28. little kids never been to a hookah lounge

  29. Just saying for everyone I’m now 18 I’ve been vaping since 7th grade before it was even “cool” I have a problem now I find it hard to stop. But I cough everyday and when I exhale all the way out I have pain just above my sternum. And also sometimes on the side of my lungs on the right side normally. Guys this isn’t a joke anymore! And I get it’s fun taste good don’t think it can happen to us but this isn’t a game anymore this shit is fr!

  30. I've been vaping for 5+ yrs. Not one hiccup. I think these kids are vaping the hell out of juuls. That's why they get sick. I have standard mod with a tank. I've never got sick off it. Think these kids are vaping high mg of nicotine too. I only vape 6mg. Think news trying to scare parents. To get there mind off Trump

  31. Would non nicotine vape work

  32. Each and everyone of them were vaping oils from pot or hash. Every single one of them. The cdc should be taking blood test so they wont have to worry about if the kids are being truthful or not. There is nothing difficult or unknown about this. You cannot vape oils or you risk just what happened to these kids.

  33. 300 so far not counting the ones prior. Various products not just one brand. Some nicotine some THC. You'll hear more or rather READ more soon. Just don't inhale into your lungs if you can't stop.

  34. Sounds like he was using some bunk shit

  35. Just smoke weed 🤷🏻‍♀️

  36. I'm an illinois teen and it's the fuckin little poshs and stigs they sell to all the kids they're cheap and burn holes in your lungs vaping is fine guys it's the little sketchy ass disposables it's so clear to me whats goin on how is this not clear 😂😂

  37. The two main ingredients in vape juice is propylene glycol (PG) and/or vegetable glycerin (VG). While safe for consuming as food additives, you can only imagine what the viscous substance is doing to lung linings as it builds up over time. Whether nicotine is in the juice or not, taking in any foreign substances that shouldn't be in the lungs can be dangerous.

  38. 🤣😂 shes a nurse and cant pronounce propylene glycol , vegetable glycerin and nicotine well that's one dumb ass nurse

  39. Bs that kid was smoking the thc carts fuck outtahere

  40. These are the “cool” kids you see vaping while walking to school.

  41. How is vape so dangerous? It is only water and flavor wtf

  42. That’s nothing. I took 3 times the amount of GHB and still survived without even going to the hospital. It’s all stare of mind he needs to grow some balls.

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