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2019 Dirt Derby at Eldora | NASCAR on FOX HIGHLIGHTS

Full highlights of the NASCAR Gander Outdoors Truck Series at Eldora.

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2019 Dirt Derby at Eldora | NASCAR on FOX HIGHLIGHTS

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  1. What are your thoughts on Stewart Friesen's victory?

  2. Wow. Friesen done great ! At Eldora dirt track! Awesome coverage! Thanks for posting.

  3. The little guy stole the show!!..Congrats Friesen!

  4. I wish they did more truck series dirt races…they'd get a lot more attendance with it I think

  5. Creed will be there guaranteed !!!!!!

  6. Pretty neat but good lord do they look slow compared to the sprints.

  7. Awful lot of white trucks out there

  8. Everyone left with dirt buggers there wasn't a clean air filter within a mile. Dirt racing is more forgiving when it comes to crashes.They can't build as much speed.

  9. Looks like friesen is gonna get an extra good face cutting this winter. Don’t get your hopes up people friesens gonna be in a wheelchair next year after I’m done with him and his birth defect for a son

  10. Seen truck races the last couple years at Eldora, but quick question. Is this the same race as usual? Do they do heat races and that? Is it a points race? Love NASCAR but haven’t been too into it the last couple years. Just curious.

  11. This should be the All star race for the cup

  12. This race wasn’t that bad, but I would say it was the worst one since they started racing here

  13. Anytime a driver wins for the first time is great regardless of who it is.

  14. If you want to see a real race at Eldora, go to The World 100 or Kings Royal. Super Late Models and Sprint Cars designed to race there.

  15. Let's stick to sprint cars on dirt!

  16. been watching him race big blocks for years finnaly time for
    this win

  17. They need to allow beadlocks and let them have a choice of tire compounds

  18. Nascar races should all be on dirt!

  19. It would be interesting to do this race but with the Talladega package.

  20. BIIIIIGGG……….collection lol

  21. I wanted this to be good so bad, but have to say this was a boring race. Turned into a track position game and little to no actual racing

  22. jerry burchell watching that race on dirt hollow victory at racinr fairgrounds mile track 73 torino door 302 137mph goimg clocked tropper. I was running street tires police wide ones others quarter inch groves a least four groves.

  23. Say thank u tony stewart for having the trucks here..

  24. Lmfao even he had.. we had to win at eldora.. because he cant do it on pavement.. hahaha

  25. Stewart Friesen's 2st Career NASCAR Gander Outdoors Trugks Series victory

  26. The first win in a truck series and doing it on the dirt at eldora makes it super super super special 🏁🏁🏁👆

  27. The coverage on YouTube is about The same it was last night. My god there were a lot of commercials

  28. For an even better race:
    I still think the dirt trucks should be 5 to 6 hundred pounds lighter!
    Maybe: Wider right side tires
    Taller rear spoiler
    Wider wheel track width
    Late model style rear suspension geometry
    The trucks are just way too heavy for dirt

  29. Nice to see tim ward race in this. I watch him race his IMCA modified weekly at marshalltown speedway in Iowa.

  30. Great to see Friesen finally get one, this one specifically, and also great to see Mike Marlar get a chance and have a great run. One of the nicest people you will ever meet.

  31. Remembered why I don’t watch races live anymore. Commercial after commercial. lol even commercials for commercials. Smh.

  32. The Eldora ‘Big One’

    I was dying when they crashed 😂

  33. Now I will watch cup race on dirt track .only way I will watch NASCAR this dirt track race is great

  34. He's gotta win on pavement. He's been winning on dirt for years and knows how to drive well on it. He's still got a lot to learn on pavement.

  35. this race was more like the Eldora demo derby

  36. Will Todd Gilland ever win a race, tune in next week at Michigan only on FS1. BTW congrats to Stewart Friesen

  37. Awesome job, he has definitely earned this win. I remember in 2017 he had a couple of good races in a row and I googled him, I wanted to see where this hot shot kid lol came from! When I seen the hot shot rookie was a 34 year old Canadian I had to check another website to make sure I had the right guy and their wasn't to Friesens racing. Anyway after that I couldn't help but root for him if you can come in and succeed as a rookie in your 30s then you are clearly talented because it seems like all the good rides and sponsorship goes to 16 to 20 year old kids who have rich parents. Glad to see an older guy make the most of his shot!

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