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2020 Basketball Hall of Fame class with Kobe is greatest ever — Chris Broussard | FOX SPORTS

The 2020 class Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame is official. And with the likes of Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, and Kevin Garnett, Chris Broussard says it’s clearly the greatest Hall of Fame class of all time.

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2020 Basketball Hall of Fame class with Kobe is greatest ever — Chris Broussard | FOX SPORTS

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  1. What did you think about the 2020 Basketball Hall of Fame class?

  2. Chris Broussard: Kobe is not a top 5 scorer ever.

    Dude has no credibility. Another KLUTCH shill


  4. You know a class is great when Tim Duncan is its 2nd best player and Kevin Garnett is its 3rd best player. That 2009 class with Jordan, Robinson, and Stockton was awesome. It's between 2009 and 2020 for GOAT class.

  5. To start a team, I would pick MJ, Robinson and Stockton over Kobe, Duncan and Gannet. If you simply compare ranking, MJ > Kobe, Robinson < Duncan , But Stockton (top 2 pg)> Gannet (maybe top 5 of, but definitely not top 3), even though the play different positions.

  6. Chris is underrating David Robinson and John stockon. Both better than KG and you've got the GOAT. 2009 class is clearly the best HOF class of all time.

  7. I agree it’s the best. Because it has 2 of the top 7 greatest players even in it.( Kobe,Duncan ).

  8. You ranked Iverson above Chris Paul ? (as the 3rd best small player all time) – Iverson better scorer for sure, but CP3 just as good on the handles, third highest assist average all time and I think definitely a better defensive player with 9x all defense selections. You are right that Rick Barry is one of the most underappreciated superstars ever. He averaged 36 pts a game in his second season! thats what Kobe averaged in 2006 in his best year!

  9. Bugging. Jordan and Stockton r 1

  10. I’m glad you spoke on Rick Barry Chris!People just don’t Know

  11. The hall of fame loses legitimacy the longer bob Huggins isn't in it.

  12. Isn't tacko fall 7'5 without shoes,but Yao ming is the "only player taller than 7'4"

  13. John Stockton is an elite all time guard.

  14. Most people have KG as a top 5 all time PF? Where are these people who could name 5 better? That's 🤣🤣🤣

  15. Cmon it was easier back then !! In the 87

  16. Chris 🤦🏼‍♂️ yao ming was a bust shaq was so much better yao ming was a horrible!!!!!!

  17. Tim duncan is the goat in the pf position he is top 10 of all time
    kg is def top 5 at pf
    and kobe is the 2nd greatest sg but not top 10

  18. I said it before ill said it again tracy McGrady is a hof but chris webber is not ya ok thats when i knew the basketball hof is a joke. Same mcgrady who never ever ever made it out of the 1st round

  19. Greatest player of all time is Wilt Chamberlain he owns the record book, the only time someone breaks his records are when they just play longer. He was the complete athlete, scorer , rebounder, block shots, assist, he has lead the league in every category. Then he was a top high jumper, sprinter, and weight lifter. I’ve seen all these guys play, everyone is just a prisoner of the moment.

  20. Duncan is 2-1 against Lebron in the Finals. 3-0 if Ray Allen didn't make that shot. Duncan > Lebron.

  21. A lot of you guys don’t understand what the basketball hall of fame is. It’s not like the NFL hall a fame, the basketball hall of fame includes all basketball college, international, NBA. The NBA needs their own hall of fame, because this basketball hall of fame is a joke. A lot of these guys were just great college or international players.

  22. Id start with Duncan over Kobe. But Garnett doesn't even belong in the same sentence as kobe and duncan

  23. Dude. Stockton is much better than 5 or 7. Gwt real

  24. Yao Ming a Hall of Famer is a joke 🤷🏿‍♂️.. look at his stats !!!

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