Thursday , January 27 2022
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2020 Candidates Call Out President Donald Trump As White Supremacist, Nationalist | NBC News

Multiple 2020 candidates are characterizing President Donald Trump as white supremacist or white nationalist, criticizing the president for his anti-immigrant rhetoric and harsh stances on immigration.
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2020 Candidates Call Out President Donald Trump As White Supremacist, Nationalist | NBC News


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  1. These idiots will always fall back to calling him a racist when all of their plans to remove him have failed.


  3. The kkk at one point were known to many for their charity work. In those days if you did not have a problem with black people you kept it under your hat. Even listening to black musicians could make you a target. Speaking kindly of black people could cause you to be harassed. Your business would be robbed and/or vandalized. You personally would be chastised, shamed, ostracized and/or attacked. You could also be killed for your beliefs. This is how hate speech works. You speak of a person as less than human and that person can then be dismissed and even killed.

  4. It's time the black people take over! White's have shown already they can't run a country time and again without failing.

  5. The Castaways; Biden is Skipper, Beto is Gilligan, The Professor is Bernie, Mr. Howell is Booker, Mrs. Howell is Kamala, Gabbard is Mary Anne and Gillibrand is Ginger. Sorry Pocahontas Warren, you'll have to play a native on the island. There you have it folks, stay tuned.

  6. If these candidates are so concerned about white supremacy, they happen to be white. Why don’t they step down and give their job to a person of color? If they feel so concerned about it, Michael Jackson said, look at the man in the mirror baby! If you wanna talk the talk, then, walk the walk. Step down and let a person of color take your job. Then you can at least say, I feel so strong about this issue, I’m going to step down and recommend my job to…. you name it. Hypocrisy calling you out now!

  7. The KKK started with, and was perfected by the Democratic Party… they own it, and they are the party of racism.

  8. He needs white white power. Just like his daddy and the Deplorable’s who were too stupid to Forge ahead in this world.

  9. NBC is very fake news just like CNN ABC CBS some people in Fox news MSNBC telemundo they're all fake news and they are the enemy of the people of the United States. They want to destroy America with the legal immigration bankrupt our country to make America not America again. The Democratic Satanist party baby killers mostly black babies Martin Luther King was a Republican

  10. Since the insanity now includes a race for racial Supremacy, let's vote for which race is supreme

  11. All of this is bullcrap Trump is not racist I name a lot of reasons why he is a good president.

  12. When all else fails, play the race card, simple as that. If they say it enough they think people will believe it. It is also what you go to when you have nothing else to offer.

  13. Elizabeth Warren couldn't be any more white. She has done nothing for minorities , except pretend to be one for special privileges of course.

  14. Medias will spare no effort to run Donald Trump down but I think Donald Trump will remain firm and intrinsigeant because he's very able. Trump is headtrong and hugely armed mentally how to rise against such a wave of weak minds rallied to make reign weakness ?

  15. This is why I hate Trump supporters. They don’t act like human beings, they are abnormal.

  16. So the Man upholds the Law on Immigration , protecting us and our Country and this Trash comes on here and calls him a Racist?….They should be Arrested and Jailed immediately….

  17. lol these people are the reason there's hate they speak hate where there's no hate

  18. Well there's Elizabeth warren… god does have a sense of humor!

  19. Sorry time wasters!
    Trumps won already:)

  20. Keep America Great
    Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸

  21. Donald Trump is a great president but a terrible person

  22. This is the funniest video i've seen in a long time. XD These people are just sad, pathetic dumbasses

  23. Deformation Of Character, False Accusation

  24. Elizabeth Warren Is a white supremacist who is personality responsible for the Dayton shooting

  25. This is from 3 guys who are white supremacists, Biden is racist as well, Bernie is definitely a white fascist, and Beto is a white dummy.

  26. If trump is a racist coz he stopping illegal immigrants then these soo called rivals are hypocrites coz they will have the same issue if they came into power .they will have to deport them too bt will they call themselves racist??

    #respect trump

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