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2020 Democratic candidates campaign in Iowa this weekend l ABC News

Health care has become a divisive issue among the Democratic hopefuls as they look for support in the battleground state.

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  1. The Democratic candidates are a bunch of fools.

  2. When the Democrats get in office America is fucked.

  3. Let us not forget Another candidate throwing their hat into the ring.

  4. Sanders is the only candidate id vote for

  5. Alex Jones was right about Epstein! And here you are covering up a news story about the worlds most prolific sex trafficker! Dump ABC and put info wars back on now!!!

  6. ABC News nothing but fake fake war footage project Veritas just pop your bubble.

  7. EXPOSED. Now, ABC… tell us about the story you killed about Epstein and your coverup of a massive pedophile ring. :

  8. 😢Sorry Democrats but Elizabeth Warren a.k.a. Pocahontas has zero chance of winning. 🌐 Just a 2020 election reminder to all liberal bias fake news morons in bed with corrupt sore loser democrats.
    President 🇺🇸Trump has delivered on what he promised if elected back in 2016.
    1. Booming US economy again, now the best in the world now.
    2. Lowest US unemployment in 51 years.
    3. Brought back jobs and business to the US.
    4. Rebuild our US military that Obama and the Democrats depleted.
    5. Seal the US border and build more walls.
    6. He Lowered my Federal Taxes in 2018 like he promised.
    7. Booming US stock market. All my investments are up 35 to 45% since Trump took office and new record highs set monthly.
    8. Trump promised to bring our troops home from 19 year endless wars in Middle East and is now doing it. If some democrats and republicans want continued wars let them send their sons and daughters to fight and die most Americans had enough. We spent $9 Trillion in taxpayers money in those wars.
    9. President Trump & our Brave Military took out another Top ISIS terrorist Al Baghdadi.
    10. President Trump gets my conservative democrat vote again in 2020. MAGA 🇺🇸

    Bias Fake News folks now please tell me what have democrats done since President Trump was elected? Lie and conduct one witchhunt after another trying to divide the country and impeach our duly elected president. What a waste of taxpayers money. Sorry sore loser fake news folks and cry baby democrat snowflakes if the truth hurts. 😔

  9. Nice speech Andrew Yang a standing ovation from the people in the stadium I did not expect that.

  10. Won’t happen, the rich is extremely smart and they’ll move their money where they can’t get it.

  11. Comedy gold from excellent clowns!

  12. The democratic party has died.

  13. Warren: "If someone has a better plan then they should put it out." Bernie did over a year ago…

  14. Voting for warren is a guaranteed win for trump lol he is going to destroy her

  15. There's a race a snail could win.

  16. If Hillary entered she would immediately be the front runner which shows you how incredibly terrible the Candidates are

  17. Fuck this whole crew, bunch of losers

  18. No Biden. No Warren. No Sanders. I don't like any of them. I like Yang. Even with out his UBI. I'm supporting Yang all the way. If the dems choose Biden to run. I just won't vote.


  20. The Circus came to town. It even had a fake native American, Pocahonky.

  21. this is where the elitist that don't care about the people in the flyover States go to the fly over States and pretend that they care about them

  22. hehe! Democrats… what jerk offs.

  23. Remove the camera crew and there’s no one there.

  24. Not impeach trump, just dont vote for him next term

  25. Oh shit……did they put plaid on, grab an axe handle and eat corn on the cob?

  26. Well,
    One can put lipstick on hogs
    After your done applying maybelline
    they are still Hogs.

    Pigs get fed
    Hogs get Slaughtered!

    Get a Q lou!

  27. Hell no to all gun-grabbing open border more taxing Democrats

  28. These democrats are fucking cunts. Anyone who likes these losers are even bigger cunts.

  29. God all the Dem candidates are so trash.

    Edit: Also, really Bernie? A 7% payroll tax? Are you a mother fucking idiot???? I barely get any of my paycheck and you wanna take more of that away? Fuck you honestly 😂

  30. Trump 2020.have a great American day and god bless 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  31. Why aren't they in California helping Americans who have lost everything due to fires?

  32. Their MATH is always flawed, they know it but will not get elected if they tell the truth. They spew lies for your votes, and it is the wishful ignorant that will sell their votes for HOPE that the lies will come true. Obama lied to us, and my monthly rate has gone from $379/per month, to now $2254 per month. This country CANNOT allow the government MONOPOLY to crush private medicine out of the market or the MIDDLE CLASS will pay for it. Monopolies will NEVER allow costs, or prices to go down when competitive pressure are not keeping them honest. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  33. The clowns are putting on a show ! None of them have anything to offer all they will do is raise our taxes end our job market and send us into the biggest depression this nation has ever seen ! Why on earth would anyone vote for them ?

  34. Andrew Yang may not be high in the polls, but at least he has a brain in his head! Yang 2020!🇺🇸

  35. MSM is awful. Wake up people.

  36. My parents are democratic without a doubt. They even said this lady is living in a fantasy….

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