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2020 Dems go after Obama admin achievements

Cornell Capital Partner Ann Berry, Democratic Strategist Max Burns and New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin on the Federal Reserve interest rate cut and 2020 Democratic Presidential candidates going after achievements of the Obama administration.

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  1. This Dens are just putting on a show to make their candidates look questionable.
    It's all just a distraction by the Dems until they announce that Opera is running for president at the last minute to make it seem like she's some sort of savior.

  2. Many people died under Obama and Clinton's watch. Anyone who was investigating them were murdered. Two Republican senators and a relative were investigating Clinton for child trafficking and they were murdered only few months ago. The Democrats are a criminal organization that have to be stopped. All of them lead back to Obama. 🛑

  3. President Trump 2020🇺🇸

  4. OBAMA was the most corrupt president that I have ever witnessed.

  5. If Obama showed his birth certificate and college scholastic records – that would've been a helluva achievement.😁😁😁

  6. Obama doesn't even have the balls to return the Nobel peace prize and prize money, that he knows that he doesn't deserve. Be a man Obama, give it all back plus interest.

  7. What achievements?? We all know that hussein obama did absolutely nothing for the USA.
    One thing he NEVER forgot to do: fist bump janitors in front of cameras.
    hussein obama: faker in chief.

  8. Achievements? He got the peace prize shortly after being elected…for doing NOTHING. What did he get that prize for? For nothing more than his skin tone. Why else? Lemme hear what he actually did to earn it. Nobody seems to know the answer. He was a joke.

  9. The Federal Reserve is part of the global order.
    It has always been rigged.

  10. What is going on with the Democrats? They are turning on their great black savior President Obama for political gain? Not surprised! He was a complete failure and now they acknowledge it. OMG! Four more years of President Trump followed by eight years of President Pence. They think President Trump is a tiger? Vice President Pence is a sleeping lion, for now. Walk softly but carry a big stick.

  11. Trump 2020 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arrest the criminals in the socialist communist Democratic Party for treason against our country and crimes against humanity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. oBUMa – was good at hosting motown concerts @The White House🤩
    Creepy Biden – was good at hiding for 8 years ! To busy touching & running his hands through people hair !

  13. American companies, NAFTA, Clinton, Republican cronies to big business made China great. These companies can't even be labeled American companies. They manufacturer cheap goods in foreign lands and sell them back to us. Stores like Walmart and others are nothing more than distributing centers for China and others. At least the President recognizes this and is trying to do something about it. But politicians and big business will fight him all the way. Shameful!

  14. Trump did more for the people in 3 years then Obama did in 8 long years. That's not fake news, You go after Trump with hate lies and anything else you can do, You didn't ask Obama about what the he'll he was doing or for his taxes. All you do it play the race card.

  15. Poor Biden his loyal to Obama everyone is ripping into Biden because of Obama's policies yet Obama won't endorse Biden. I use to think Biden was just a creepy old guy now I feel sorry for him.

  16. Dems are political not factual. Waste of time listening. There’s so much that could be discussed about the Fed, so much we’d like to hear about the nuances of the economy, but no, not these people and not the Dems.

  17. Let's not forget that Obama's ACA is still paying out for health insurance. This is adding a great deal to our debt.

  18. Trade war with China is a good thing, lower the rates it's exactly what China did when it started. We raised the rates too fast. Short term interest rates are better interest then long term, that's not a good thing for the federal reserve thats a sure sign they raised rates too fast. Lowering rates will be best for the whole world and the United States. China will hold out for a deal until after the 2020 election for the Democrats would undo everything Trump is trying to achieve a win for the world and the people in it not just the wealthy and the currupt crony capitalists that are being represented anymore. The people will be heard in 2020 With Trump reelection.

  19. Had nothing did nothing useless lazy butt

  20. You cannot hide the economy you idiots, it is what it is the economy is great,this guy is a idiot, he really seems to know nothing. Obama was a shark a thief and a totally idiot. Harris from a family of the slave trade and shagging married men and smoking Pot is not a good deal. Biden is a joke he doesn't even speak well he spits and splatters, and touches little girls that turned my stomach i would knock him out if he touched my daughter like that she wouldn't let him to start with, a hand shake is fine she would have said!! there is not a good one amongst them. Trump is the best no one could beat him if they did they are a load of bent people, they have the enemy within, which no one should be happy about. And the race card is really worn out, trouble is the Democrats think black people are stupid, after all they are people first not black, which is such a insulting thing to say shocking!!there are good and bad in all walks of life, and Trump has done so much for the black people as the Democrats would say. He undid what people like Kamala Harris did put people away for smoking pot, long term prison sentences , yet she was smoking pot also and shagging black married mayor with children. She is a scum bag, the worst Attorney General the people from her area said so. Trump takes them out of jail and gives them jobs he treats them as people, not stupid people as Democrats do, and the Islamic women and Cortez etc, they use Racist as a weapon. Pointing out run down towns like Cummings area is, has nothing to do with racist. Cummings is a rat bag to allow it to get that bad it's a disgrace to live that way, Fix it Cummings l know l could easy.

  21. TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME has them all dis-combobulated

  22. Economy is Trump creation, look at the numbers fool. This guy has his head where the sun doesnt shine, amazing..!

  23. What achievements, If wrecking a country is an achievement then he nailed it, and will be forever remembered for his achievement.

  24. Biden went around the world as a Vice President for the President strong arming smaller countries for big kick backs to family members. Or they would not get any USA Aid to their country. If you don’t believe That then you missed more news that told the real truth than your little brain can maintain . The bigger problem was Obama did it himself, to Muslim countries, an agreed to take in Muslim refugees buy mass numbers. An set them up in singular communities to allow for entrance into government. Talk about going against our Constitution breaking his oath of office to we the people.

  25. show me better performing economy in the past 50 years pencil neck.. yes the growth is "slowing" but it's still growth, and it based on very large beginning growth rates that no one predicted…idiots…. TRUMP 2020 KAG

  26. Name an Obama "achievement" that was good for the USA? The 1% GDP growth… the "new norm"? The catastrophe that is Obamacare? The massive corruption surrounding the FISA courts? Obama was and is a fraud, worst President in History…. by far.
    To the Democratic strategist: When other countries central banks are lowering their interest rates, (even into negative territory) and our sits at 2%-2.5% (the highest in the world), what do you expect? Trump isn't a magician, he understand business (unlike you). On Biden saying "the world has changed since Obama was in office"…. True, his name is Trump.

  27. Achievements? What achievements? Obama threw us into a recession, he took away our healthcare, he's the one who was the first to separate kids from their parents at the border. He's the one who let Hillary off for Uranium one and Benghazi. What good did he do for the Country? NONE! Trump/2020 Keeping America Socialist Free!

  28. Saying Obama made mistakes is a tad disingenuous, making mistakes suggests he didn't mean them, when he did exactly what he intended, weakened the USA

  29. from Democrats to Full Blown leftist Socialist. Obama is a very moderate Saint compared to all these Candidates.

  30. Extra! Extra! Democrats want to have no Boarders, Free Health care, Free Tuition, Free Housing, But not Free Speech!?

    P.S. Also need your Guns, we'll protect you, just call 911and will be there in a Jiffy…Yeah Right!?

  31. Anything Democrats do is a total fail !!!

  32. Circular firing squad lmao

  33. What achievements? He prolonged the recession, weaken our standing on the world stage, gave birth to isis, eroded our rights, murdered thousands of non combatants with drones, weaponized the government against his enemies, stoked racial tensions in America, pitted Americans against one another…the fact we survived 8 yrs of obozo is a testament to the resiliency of American.

  34. He he he "Obama achievements", that's a good one he he he

  35. Hilary was Obama bit to keep his "legacy" alive, now Joe is his last hope.

  36. Biden, the world has change sense obuma was is office!! He made racism at a all time high he tried to make this a Saul alinsky world that’s the change obuma make. He’s treasonous traitorous and need to be dealt with!!

  37. Cannibals eating Cannibals!

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