Tuesday , January 18 2022
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2020 Dems pushing socialism are 'dangerous to the economy': Nathan Latka

‘How to be a Capitalist Without any Capital’ author Nathan Latka analyzes the Democratic candidates’ embrace of socialism and how it may affect them in the 2020 election.

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  1. Make America like San Francisco and Los Angeles, The liberal left goal.

  2. The younger generation thinks "Socialism" is actively participating in social media.

  3. Capitalism is the best system known where you at least have a chance to move up. Are there corporate bullies? yes there is but you'll have bullies in any system anywhere. At least you have the chance to move to any company that will better suit you. Socialism is a step away from Communism….No thanks.

  4. democrats desperation clearly over the moon, worse every minute
    only complete idiot could believe these total lies

  5. Making the switch to republicans, how can I invent affordable and better alternative energy without capitalism?

  6. Quit sucking egg, and just say they are a danger to our nation.

  7. No socialism for the people, but lots and lots of socialism for corporations. Welfare? Of course, massive billion dollar bailouts and billions in subsidies to the military industrial complex. Agriculture conglomerates like Con_Agra get a billion dollar subsidy while independents farmers get chicken feed. Massive tax breaks to lure companies like Amazon to your city with the promise of a thousand minimum wage jobs that have no benefits. Corporations like General Electric; which under Jack Welch, moved every factory they had to China so as to avoid paying decent wages to American workers. Capitalism without government regulation is the ruin of America!

  8. FREE College is Plantation Factory.

  9. Extreme Stable Energized Genius 2024.

  10. College dropout gives education advice

  11. A few years ago, I was very naive about world politics and the role of political parties. Back then I looked at a corrupt country like North Korea that called themselves The "Democratic" People's Republic of Korea, and I though their use of the word "Democratic" was hilariously ironic. I no longer think so. It is actually quite appropriate.

  12. once you live in a capitalist country you don't want socialism… living on hand outs is not going to lift you up… it will stagnate your life and control it and you will always be poor

  13. "People don't want free education"?? Who the hell are these people??

  14. They want US, to be CUBA, Russia, CHINA?
    HELL NO,

  15. And the harder these socialists push socialism, the more working class citizens on both sides of the aisle HATE THEM!!

  16. Democrats like Bernie and Lizzie are in the wrong party. By their own admission they are "democratic socialists". There is a Democratic Socialists of America party. I call on the Democratic Party to immediately kick out any Democratic Socialists so they can join their true political party where everyone is called comrade.

  17. Dems Elites and their puppets (MSM/FBI/CIA/FED) are trying to create a recession.
    They want to HARM the deplorable americans. They want them to declare bankruptcy.

  18. When news breaks,
    Fox fixes the news.
    Abominable administration.

  19. These people are dangerous these people are freaking crazy all these Democrats need to be investigated a lot of me to be arrested a lot of may be kicked out of office where in the world trouble come 2020 with these people

  20. Economy hell, our country is at stake…

  21. The democrats have lost it. Their personal "feelings" above the country!!!!!

  22. Dangerous to the economy?  How about dangerous to freedom and dangerous to the country?

  23. white people talking about how rich they are…lol i see you as the most in debt… perspective

  24. Trump could BOOST the economy TWO FOLD……..simply by announcing he's not running in 2020

  25. I don't think people understand socialism. It doesnt mean everyone gets more money, it means the rich keep their money and everyone else stays the same. Except now you give up the right to achieve your own wealth. There will never be a redistribution of wealth in this country. As well there shouldn't be.

  26. Please get rid of the Dem hag you hired FOX

  27. Oh how easily fooled Trump supporters are! Trump lied to you, there will be no trade deals, and no great economy, but lots of tax cuts for
    his millionaire friends. The man is a con-artist, always has been, always will be. The tax cuts plus the 150 billion dollars spent by the
    Pentagon will add 3 trillion to the debt in ten years that your children will have to pay off. TAX CUTS DO NOT PAY FOR THEMSELVES!

  28. Socialism doesn't work? So you all want a government that stands by while Wall Street loses your bank and pension accounts in the worse crash since 1929? You don't mind that corporations gouge you on prices every day, or that they pay their workers low wages with no benefits? You like crony capitalism that much? You people need to wake up and remember what country you live in!

  29. The socialist Democrats are indeed a grave DANGER to America.

  30. Socialism is coming. Like it or not. It is coming worldwide. It won't be stopped. It has been postponed by Trump but doing so has only made the socialists/globalists much more impassioned for it. It will come because the pendulum will swing. But it will not come on humanity's timeline but when God is ready to allow it. It won't last long, it never does, because it is a wicked system.

  31. Yeah, the Democrats are dangerous for our economy and USA 🇺🇸 as the whole. They try to buy voters with “FAKE PROMISES” such as: free health care for ALL, free college education …but the REALISTIC is nothing is free, you have to work for it period! Bottom line is they are all big LIARS!!!

  32. who are Cheech and Chong ? crazy Bernie and Pocahontas

  33. What is the common denominator in a Socialist Country? Give up? A DICTATOR. Now you know what the Democrats REALLY want. To be DICTATORS.

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