Tuesday , January 18 2022
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2020 Dems remain silent on plans for possible recession

The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Christopher Bedford on whether the 2020 Democrats’ policies would hurt the U.S. economy.

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  1. Thanks to all the recession talk and sell offs, I bought a new sailboat before the end of the years. To all who donated, thank you. I even have WiFi.

  2. Time will come to commit suicide

  3. There is not going to be a recession ! And even if there was a slight shift , do you really want a Democrat in the White House to fix it ? People who can’t even run our states and Cities ! Who wants to live in California , Oregon, NY State,NJ , where people are leaving in droves ! Because they are sick of High Taxes ! And Stupid Governors who care MORE for the Illegals than their own citizens !

  4. – "Taxes would skyrocket" probably on the ultra-wealthy because the 2017 Tax Cuts added to the deficit
    – "The stock market would crash" sorta like it currently is under the Trump Administration
    – "And jobs would be taken away" to automation because it's cheaper labor and the Trump administration scapegoated immigrants as the main issue instead of solving the real problem

  5. Ain't it funny how the Globalist Democrats call for Recession, and we had Recessions under Globalist Presidents like Barry 0, George Recession Bush II, and George New World Order Bush I, almost like the Globalists CAUSED the Recessions? But that would be crazy to think, right?

  6. DUMB-ocrats spreading fake news on a possible recession. Anything to attack what President Trump has accomplished. They need to quit their crying and do their job taking care of the American citizens that elected them. What a waste of our taxpayers money!!!

  7. All these gains mean nothing without reversing the national debt

  8. In the name of God please help us please help us please help us 2019 2085 amen

  9. Get your head out of sand people. Just the fact Trump wants the FED to cut interest rates by 100 points and start qe4 tells you what's coming. You don't have to be an economist here

  10. If Trump wins you're looking at a devaluation of the Dollar by 30% at the least. If the Democrats win the election we get a recession worse than 2008

  11. Study SOUTH KOREAN politics since 2016…….. the picture will become crystal clear of what so called socialist liberals want……….

  12. I can see it now. a democrat beats Trump in 2020. within two months there are 2 million South Americans crossing the border, the economy crashes and burns, and the media will blame Trump and half the country will believe it

  13. Dumb Fat Donny 6X was handed a vibrant economy. Thank you Obama. The Dumb Don is now sending it into the shitter with his tariffs. He's out of his mind. He's a babbling bobblehead fool. Thinks he's "The Chosen One" now. Wants to buy Geenland. Wants to give himself the Medal of Honor. He's bonkers. NUTS. If you could look into his head all you would find is a putter, a Big Mack, someone else's credit card and a porno tape.

  14. The stench of obama is strong as ever. He’s waiting to be begged to come back.

  15. What Pence said is 100% True. If this occurs I look for dems to revitalise NAFTA also. By By jobs.

  16. There is not going to be a recession any time soon! As long as Trump wins in 2020…If the Dems win we are screwed and there will be a civil war.. againt Socialism.


  18. The plan is to get rid of Trump..duh! They're blaming Trump for the recession. Any idiot would realize that Trump is screwed either way! Democrats win, and the recession will happen..but they got 8 years to recover…they look good..just like Obama. Trump loses election because of recession…or he has 4 more years and deal with recession….and will leave office getting the blame. Timing is everything!

  19. the only way any of them would win would be because of voter fraud……………

  20. 願中共惡系列.國際抵治

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