Sunday , December 6 2020
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2020 Ohio Democratic Debate: highlights and best moments | USA TODAY

Democratic candidates debated in Westerville, Ohio, marking the first debate since the impeachment inquiry of President Trump.
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Twelve Democratic presidential contenders debated in Ohio, the first debate since the launch of the impeachment inquiry in President Trump.

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  1. Lord…..I'd hate to see the lowlights and worst moments


  3. It’s done 🙂 TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  4. I hate Trump get him out here

  5. One thing I have to say as a veteran of Iraqi freedom,,, The Kurds have ISIS captured and imprisoned and Turkey doesn't like any of them… Was a brilliant move to sick Turks on ISIS while it is locked up.. They absolutely care not… And should not because after what they did they don't deserve imprisonment for years and years. They deserve the death penalty..

  6. I'll give you $1000.00, thousand bucks right now to vote for me,  you want 1000 Washington in your hand? I'll give you 1000 green backs in your hand,,,Right,  Now to vote against Trump… In your hand right now to vote for me and vote against Trump…

  7. joe biden's mission has been handily accomplished! joe and hunter tormented trump's buffoons into committing impeachable offenses by the gross! kudos to the bidens for a job well done.

  8. Post the full debate and let me make my own decisions on what's a highlight. It's ridiculous you can't find the full debate anywhere.
    — Wreaks of corrupt media.
    – Hey Let US tell you what the highlights are. Don't worry about anything else that was said…
    — From what I have heard Yang is the only one that sounds legit.

  9. corrupt   career politicians .        trump 2020

  10. No questions on China? No questions about illegal immigration and how to solve related problems???? Who came up with these questions?

  11. Harris finally pointed out that women can procreate. Now that we have the obvious out of the way, maybe she can focus on a real issue. She claimed this was the 6th debate? Really? A president should be able to count to four.

  12. Biased media. Yang has the most compelling option that will help me and everyone I know. It will help literally everyone – not just the poorest of the poor.

  13. None of these left wing " Pander Bears" are presidential material.

  14. Hands down, Trump won this debate.

  15. Yang and Tulsi are the best. Of course they’re suppressed. Support them. Fight for them.

  16. Donate a dollar Andrew Yang2020 President VOTE

  17. Don’t give Kmala the time of day … she is a sneaky, low-energy rat.

  18. All I heard was impeach and Russia and who hates trump the most lmao trumps gonna win 2020 in a landslide if this is all the democrats have

  19. Dimcrats want to kill small humans, raise taxes, perpetuate sandbox wars, grow the corrupt government…and they want to claim to be the "moral" voice now?

  20. Where is Bernie!? Why don't you play anything on his? Oh I forgot is USA today.

  21. The framers imagined this moment where democrats turned to demogogues and wanted to freak out the nation and grab for all the power they could grab. That is when they wrote the Second Amendment, Kamala.

  22. The Party of Diversity:
    Clinton. Old/White/Rich
    Sanders. Old/White/Rich
    O’Malley. Old/White/Rich

    Biden. Old/White/Rich
    Warren. Old/White/Rich
    Sanders. Old/White/Rich

  23. 拜登事件和川普彈劾事件是兩碼事﹐雖然兩者有關聯。

  24. This shit is total garbage. Nobody is covering Yang. MSM is covering these assholes who just want to bury one another to get to the top. This is the exact reason we have the current sitting president. If Hillary would have let Bernie have what he rightfully won, he would be president.

  25. TRUMP SAID IT BEST ITS NOT OUR PROBLEM helping the american people is what we should be fighting for.

  26. These people do not represent America. Where’s their American flag pin?

  27. Anyone get a count how many times the word "corrupt" was used in this debate?

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