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2020 presidential candidates respond to El Paso shooting

Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke, who calls El Paso home, cuts his campaign trip short after learning about the shooting tragedy.


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  1. Even Bob – who changed his name to Beto in an attempt to hide from the news reports that he tried to leave the scene after his DUI accident should know that if Any politicians who support the unconstitutional Red Flag Laws will lose their seat in Congress and Governorship as the US Voters will not allow the burning of our 2nd Amendment Right !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Everyone please take a minute and research Andrew Yang. Do not support these corporate shills who spits up nothing but platitudes. They are everything wrong with our country. They stand for nothing but getting into office with the help of billionaires so they can carry out their bidding. We need an outsider like Andrew Yang who has actual data driven solutions who's campaign is funded by the people. #yangang #yang2020

  3. Why is Beto even considered a candidate. He couldn't even win a congressional seat representing our state of Texas. He is a laughingstock here in my area. ONLY those liberal socialist in the three large cities in Texas voted for the idiot. The rest of the state voted against him. So why is anyone paying any attention to him? He is for open borders, just sling the doors wide open and let them all come in. And during his time in the first debate, he showed himself when he started speaking in Spanish. So you know he was talking to all of the illegals and could are less for legitimate citizens of the US!

  4. You think pouring more guns into the street is going to make you safer. Next you want to start arming ex-felons in the midst of your hysteria. Why don't you tell us how many gun control laws have been passed in the last 20 years?  

    Ronald Reagan was protected by the best armed guards and he and others were still shot. 64 cops were murdered by guns in 2016. 45 in 2017. 52 in 2018. So far 29 in 2019. That's already over 150 cops murdered by guns just alone during Trump administration. But you want to put more guns on the street so more cops can get murdered too as well as stacking up the body count of civilians. If you tell me that's the price to keep your machine guns and assault rifles, then you are part of the problem not part of the solution.

  5. Beto will be president of the renewed Texas Republic Free Texas Republic 2020

  6. He was laughing to a Joke that one of his political cronies colleagues told him. Subconsciously the joke came about and he couldn't hold back but laugh true evil!

  7. sure for this white Irish pride jacks as…look at his white supremacist name.. sure you get equal when he turn this nation into communism salve drove just wait see.50% tax your money is coming.

  8. Whats the difference between hitler and trump ? One killed six million jews the other hurt your fellings

  9. Eccedentesiast: A person who hides their pain behind a smile. Google it. 🙄

  10. What a bunch of despicable, worthless creatures. Are they sure they are not trying to loose 2020 election?

  11. Yeah they edited out the part where Beto laughs…..sad

  12. Beto was not laughing, y’all clearly haven’t seen people grieve. You can see in his face he is trying not to cry on television to be seen as weak by the public so his facial response to hold back tears is smiling awkwardly. He is breathing in when he’s thinking of what to say. Have y’all seriously never seen someone who is upset or stunned talk before?

  13. Just goes to show what kind of lowlifes the Democrats really are fundraising off of shootings they're just sad DEMOCRAT LOSERS

  14. Are you kidding- he was laughing his butt off about it- please he doesn’t care

  15. Manipulation at its best. New York Times disabled comments. Why is this creep laughing. Democrats hoped up and down in glee with this tragedy. It was social liberals that committed the crime.

  16. Where’s his “emotional” laughing??? “I’m very saddened..” chuckle smirk hand covers that mouth. Gets a grip of his giggles then continues playing the part.

  17. You can't get lower morally than "Beto" and Booker.

  18. “iT WaS aN EmOtIoNaL rEsPoNsE” he literally couldn’t hold in his laughter

  19. What the hell ABC? This video is so manipulated so we don't see Beto laugh at El Paso victims? That is a Fake News act.

  20. Bernie is an older Vladimir Lenin, maybe in office he’ll become a Josef Stalin.

  21. Where's the part that showed him laughing? #Corruptmedia

  22. Funny how they cut the uncontrollable laughing portion of this video out. More democratic manipulation and lies being pushed by the corrupt media. Anyone that trust your news source is sadly deceived. Thankfully not all of us are.

  23. Looked like Beto thought something was funny

  24. 0:19 bitch stfu and let us hear what he has to say. I dont need you telling me how to feel.

  25. Why was he laughing while giving this speech? Good job for cutting it out.

  26. Dam! The media is going pretty hard on convincing their drones its Trumps fault. You would think there is an election coming up or something hah

  27. Also here is a little side note. Folks you have statistically speaking, a greater likelihood of being struck and killed by lightning than being the victim of a mass shooting. So lets petition the government to ban lightning!

  28. The Democratic candidates need to be victims of a white pride shooters

  29. Democrats scumbags! Blaming Trump! They know they can't win!!

  30. It's funny that these 29 white people died gets more attention than the 40 blacks murdered everyday in this country.

  31. Something fishy is going in here. Again.

  32. No one will talk about Dayton, Ohio. Why? Because, the shooter was a proponent of Socialism and a left leaning agenda. Hate speech from Sanders, Cortez, and Booker only encourages these individuals.

  33. Is it me or does o'dork look like a hamster or chipmunk?

  34. His ratings gone up to 6% now from 5% now, still a Loser. Trump 2020

  35. I try to keep respect for this man because he’s a fellow Texan. But he’s completely off the rails. I suppose it’s desperation. Pack it up and stay in El Paso, Beto.

  36. Beto hates Trump more than Trump hates illegals

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