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22 off the over! Pant bludgeons his way to rapid ton | India's Tour of Australia 2020

Entering the final over on day two on 81, Rishabh Pant threw caution to the wind to take Australia A’s Jack Wildermuth for 22 runs and bring up his century in style at the SCG


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  1. Pant playing only Practice Match and Team A children opposite.

  2. Pant is T20 player not test player but
    ,. 😊😎☝️☝️ 🤣

  3. Pant be like : whether you hit me once, more or less, I will take your toll, and every other bowler, till I am at the crease. Viru should give him some tips in the name of coaching. May be then he can improve his odi game

  4. Y so much full toss in practise match ??

  5. I respect that this channel shows good performance and not only australian cricket achievements

  6. Akshay kumar is the unofficial youtube ad ambassador of Cricket Austarilia.. 😂😅

  7. Le video: Ball lode pe lagne se bowler kaa lodu bnane tak

  8. Pant – I am aware of my effect in Sydney

    1)KL RAHUL
    4)S IYER(so underrated player)/ISHAN KISHAN
    5)R PANT(W.K)
    7)R JADEJA
    10)M SHAMI

  10. pant honestly just work on ur fitness atleast reduce ur stomach and ur performance will be on top

  11. Ye akshay kumar hi upload karwa raha hai cricket australia se 😂

  12. Can someone explain the reasoning behind naming a video one thing and then not showing and footage of it?

  13. Jab asli bowlers aayenge Pant ke hath se bat chutega

  14. This Is Actuallyy The Real Rishabh Pant…😎💕
    We have to Support him otherwise we'll lost a gem…👍💖
    Yeah, It's true that he lost it manyy times but It doesn't mean that he isn't Capable of…
    And Now, Take a look all those who were Trolling or Insulting him when he had some bad games…👍🎇💞😎
    All The Best Wishes to You for your Matches ahead Rishuu Sir👍💞🎇🎈💞

  15. Saha should play as he is a better keeper and more reliable batsman than him.we all saw what happened in nz

  16. Pant : ab apne ko chaiye full izzat😂😂

  17. आप मेरे यूट्यूब चैनल पर ये देख सकते हैं-
    वरुण चक्रवर्ती और उनकी पत्नी ने शादी के दिन ही क्रिकेट खेला। जिसमें वरुण ने बॉलिंग और उनकी पत्नी ने बैटिंग की।
    2 डेविड वार्नर ने इन्स्टाग्राम पर एक वीडियो पोस्ट किया है।जिसमें उन्होंने सुल्तान फिल्म के ट्रेलर में सलमान खान की जगह अपना चेहरा एडिट किया है।
    3 आईसीसी टी 20 रैंकिंग(नई)।
    4 आईसीसी ओडीआई रैंकिंग (नई)

  18. Pant chlega phir se is series m

  19. Pant is a player who can win a world Cup by his performance in final

  20. This is my humble request to kindly remove akshay ad it is so annoyed

  21. Kissan ekta zindabad.
    No farmers
    No feed

  22. Best or worst mic behind the wickets is back 🤟

  23. This man is sick 🔥🔥🔥

  24. This patties add is so irritating😂😂

  25. P Shaw (Bat)
    S Gill (Bat)
    V Kohli (Bat)
    C Pujara (Bat)
    A Rahane (Bat)
    H Vihari (Bat)
    R Pant (Wk) (Bat)
    R Ashwin (Ball)
    J Bumrah (Ball)
    U Yadav (Ball)
    M Shami (Ball)

    Bench: M Agrawal, K Yadav, M Siraj, N Saini, W Saha

  26. I m irritated by akhshya kumar add

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