23-Year-Old Co-Pilot Dies After Exiting Plane Without Parachute

A pilot fell to his death after exiting a plane mid-flight during an emergency landing near Raleigh, North Carolina. Police say 23-year-old Charles Hew Crooks either jumped or fell from the plane without a parachute; however, there is no mention of the pilot exiting the aircraft on new audio recordings from inside the cockpit. After a lengthy search on Friday, Crooks’ body was found in a backyard roughly 30 miles from where the plane landed. The second pilot’s identity is still unknown.

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  1. I fought in Vietnam and God knows how many Vietcong enemy combatants met their deaths that way from Huey helicopters.

  2. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today

  3. Sounds like there was a scuffle

  4. He flew in and are his arms tired

  5. They say "takeoffs are optional, landing is mandatory." You aviate, navigate, communication!

  6. It's not hard at all to land a disabled SMALL plane. Get very low, slow way up, just before the plane drops, pull up and stall, dropping the plane a few feet to the ground at almost no speed. ALL pilots are taught how to do this. The pilot walks away with minimal damage to the plane.

  7. Murder. He pushed him out

  8. No seat belt nothing

  9. No fkn way he jumped…he got tossed out.

  10. Where is Superman when you need him

  11. Guess that's jumping to a conclusion

  12. The parents don't want to know WHY/HOW he left the plane without a parachute? They don't want to here from the pilot as to what happened???

  13. unlikely hed jump unless he was high ????

  14. Wow, a Patel police officer. Never seen that before. Anyway RIP

  15. Typical two men enter a room only one comes out

  16. I need answers!!!

    1) declared emergency during flight
    2) Emergency was the loss of the right landing gear
    3) Emergency did not consist of a lost engine, lack of fuel or structural integrity to the aircraft
    4) the loss of the co-pilot was never declared during the in progress emergency.
    5) co-pilot had extensive flight training and had no logical reason to exit the aircraft due to stated emergency.

    No reason for co-pilot to jump.
    Declared emergency didn't warrant exiting of aircraft.
    CoPilot would have donned chute if not handled the plane until over water or open area to ditch craft without harm to ppl on ground.
    Leaning out to look at wheel???
    CoPilot would know it's not possible to see that angle.

    I'm not a pilot but even I would run through scenarios.
    Reroute to larger airport with more sufficient emergency personnel.
    Dump or deplete fuel prior to landing.
    Foam runway for full belly landing (left gear up if possible due to pull from gear upon contact)
    Fly by Tower at low slow speed for visual reference by ground crew prior to landing.

    Soooooooooo many red flags here. 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩

  17. Did he push him out after the jumper lost it and tried to wrest control of the steering column?

  18. 🤔Oh really 😒

  19. This sounds fishier than a bass tournament! 🎣

  20. The part that bothers me the most was a neighbor alarming authorities about a loud sound in the backyard. They already knew something. And the pain and confusion of witnessing something like this is a story of it own.

  21. The family doesn’t want answers as to what happen? Why he jumped or was pushed out? WTF?

  22. I see a murder case

  23. Maybe he intended to jump during this flight despite the landing gear not working. A landing gear failing to deploy is not all that dangerous of a situation. Especially if you can land at an airport with crash rescue on standby.