Friday , January 21 2022
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25 Questions with Ajinkya Rahane: Favourite Mumbai Snack?

We asked Ajinkya Rahane about his best batting shot, and who would play him in a movie

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  1. Finally new questions. Thanks ESPNcricinfo

  2. How many want virat on this show ?

  3. 2:29 when u dont know any good indian commentators

  4. Most boring questions ever asked

  5. Most Fucking bizzzzzare Interview

  6. Sahi me boring he aadmi h ye bc..
    Beshak Shariff h..

  7. Half of the answers were 'anything nd other half was 'Nothing..😕😕

  8. Who is here after his 10th century 🤗

  9. Agr wc main no. 4 pr hota toh shaid aaaz result kush aur hota .
    .. he has ability to play under … pressure… he is very .cool and calm guy

  10. Doosra was invented by saqlain mushtaq and its from urdu dictionary lmao why you guys alway try to copy others like bollywood chappa factory

  11. Liked the way he avoided the app question….
    As a cricketer and celebrity you may have to vary from promoting any app,he certainly did that

  12. and today he has got a brilliant century.

  13. 25 questions with masharafe mortaza

  14. Bsdi ka 200 ball khelne ke bad sirf 50 ya 60 runs banata hai test me

  15. Rahane nature is as good as me 😅 humble and real gentleman

  16. Rahane batting style is Cool&Com 😍😍😍

  17. Is it just me or is rahane's beard making him look like KL rahul

  18. To Maharashtrian you don’t ask what is your most favorite snacks,
    You ask them what is your second most favorite snacks after vada pav? 😄😄😄
    Obviously everyone will say vada pav is most favorite ❤️❤️

  19. Rahane answered those questions as if he was batting, very defensive 😉. Love from Sri Lanka 🇱🇰

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