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25 Questions with Shane Warne: Dinner with Waugh or Buchanan?

Shane Warne has to pick one; and then answer 24 other such questions from us.

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  1. Dislike because of what he said about Pakistan

  2. Wtf is wrong with these indians he wasn't saying that he didn't feel safe in pakistan or like that he answered that question from cricketing point of view like it was hard for him to play against pakistan at their home.These indians are really dumb and don't even have common sense.

  3. Please do 25 questions with A B de villiars and Trent boult..

  4. I understand why he hated to visit Pakistan, this question and its answer is pre planned. I am sure some Indian in some stage of this question / answer is involved and this poor chap has to reply because he has to make money from IPL.

  5. Pakistan is the country of muslims

  6. He also doesn't like travel to Pakistan like many of us bcoz Life is more precious than all other things

  7. Shane warner ne bhi Pakistan ki le li

  8. because he say Pakistan is not beauty country

  9. and i know why he did not like touring Pakistan as he brought a packet of crisps eat all the packet only to find it was 2 years out of date i watched that interview lol

  10. Hey espncric info take Virat Kohli 25 questions

  11. There was no terrorism in pak in 90s and no terrorism now…. we only had a bad decade…. when terrorism was on peak… after 9/11 to 2015

  12. There must be another reason for not visiting pak ….. bcz in early in his career there was no terrorism in pak…..

  13. he did not liked pakistan bcz wnha k log dharma ko lekar bde secure h

  14. Bohat bhan jod hai kutay like who agree for Pakistan

  15. Pakistan😂😂Pakistan🙏🙏😂

  16. Why the fuck a Indian is asking the questions??

  17. Virat Kohli is only a showoff cricketer

  18. He is a mother fucker because he was saying about pakistan

  19. Fastest response: “Viv Richards”

  20. Early in his career means 90s, when no incident had taken place, so there's no point of hating Pakistan

  21. In sare comments se Indians ka hasad nazar ata hai or plzz comment section main abusing mat karna !!!

  22. Here everybody👏 India ke logon ko main parha likha samajhti thi phr maine un ki abusive language sun li

  23. His answers is favouring India more because of IPL… He is a moron, extremist and have hatred for Pakistan…He hates Khwaja and Fawad Ahmed just because they are from Pakistani Origin…

  24. Why he did not wanted to tour pakistan

  25. Kutte insan tujhe Pakistan kis ne bulaya tha

  26. The questions were too good to be answered…😂😂😂👌👌

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