27-year-old doctor cares for 850 patients in Gaza’s last standing hospital

Dr. Mohammed Harara is one of five doctors remaining at Nasser hospital in Khan Younis. The collapsing medical facility, surrounded by the Israeli military, is home to 850 patients and thousands of displaced civilians. When Harara is not treating patients, he lives in a small tent on the hospital’s grounds.

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  1. That woman is very brave!

  2. That’s wild 😢 I can only imagine how overwhelming that is.

  3. Love these types of videos! Keep up the good work

  4. 'Last standing hospital'
    So all of Gaza's numerous other hospitals have been flattened by the israelis?, really?

  5. Heartbreaking. I saw where he set up a medical tent to tend to the children there, as well. On Al Jejezeera, if I remember correctly.

  6. Bless this man. Doing God's work.

  7. Allah pak apna Khasosii karam kare en AZEEM DOCTORS per
    Aur Phalistine ke Mazlom Awam per Ameen😭

  8. Yes. It's hard to be a doctor in a war zone operated by terrorists

  9. The fact that he talks about martyrs already reveals which terrorist organization he belongs to.

  10. So this is what our US Tax dollars go to. War. We supplied the IDF and they are causing a genocide. Biden is no different from Hitler.

  11. Liars….Hamas has everything they need in the tunnels beneath the hospital, they just won't admit it…..until IDF enters the hospital and show the tunnel entrances to the world.

  12. Hamas pecundang sembunyi dirumah warga,rumah sakit bangsanya sendiri jadi korban memalukan

  13. May Allah protect you. We are with you Muhammad and we stand by all of Gaza. Surely Allah is the best of planners and this will be heavy on your scale. Those who you helped save and treat and ease their pain — they will intercede for you on the day of reckoning. Keep fighting we are with you and we will see you in a free Palestine bi’isnilah

  14. As a nurse only made it 1;01 before my heart broke for him, my hands longed to jump in and help and my mama brain wanted to feed him hot soup, then the guilt of being disabled in a relatively safe place hit. I don't seem to be able to make it all better…

  15. That's what I call a true hero can you imagine only five doctors for a whole hospital

  16. IDF is 100% a terrorist organisation which is on a mass murder of innocent people and kids…😢

  17. A true hero God bless this man,his family and all of the innocent people of Gaza.

  18. Maybe I wasnt clear, NBC SUCKS.😢

  19. Jordan's King Hussein 1980 killed 25.000 Palestinians in 11 days And it was none other than Pakistan’s General Muhammad Zia-Ul-Haq, then a Brigadier, who helped King Hussein carry out the massacre of 25,000 Palestinians, in what is now known as Black September of 1980 1:25

  20. Isreal labeling him as Hamas as I type this comment

  21. Bless you, Dr you are a hero. Thank you for being there, you're awesome!!!

  22. Shame on the US and the UK. Your citizens will never be on your side again. These poor doctors, patients and martyrs. May God be with them. This doctor who works on no sleep has no food and lives in a filthy tent. These people have no medicine. They are dying from simple injuries. Remember when everyone sent ppe to hospitals at the beginning of covid? Supplies should be flooding Palestine. Instead There is no trash removal and all the blood from the hospital garbage is in the streets, goes in the runoff. These people are starving to death and getting diseases for no reason. They had a beautiful city with beaches restaurants schools. They have all been destroyed. It will take 70 years to rebuild the country.

  23. So The Muslim country control the oil and they are filthy rich and yet they don’t want no refugee asylum seekers maybe it’s all plain

  24. Let’s Play game how fake it is 😂😂😂😂 when you can’t be fool twice

  25. And your muslim brothers don't do anything.

  26. Just curious why the news not just ask Hamas spokesman to release all hostages and to stop attacks Israel on regular base then I bet you there be no war

  27. Has NBC verified how many of these patients shown in this video are not so called Hamas “fighters”? If a person is helping Hamas, which is recognized as a terrorist organization by western countries, what should we call him/her?

  28. Since they produce nothing they have nothing, WELFARE PEOPLE