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2nd whistleblower has 'firsthand knowledge' on allegations against Trump | ABC News

George Stephanopoulos, Jonathan Karl and Pierre Thomas discuss the impeachment inquiry, and Kate Shaw and Barbara Comstock discuss what comes next.

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  1. of course the Obama administration is totally involved in all this corruption of course she doesn't want due process what a scam is playing out in this bias media as if we don't know

  2. this person IS NOT a whistleblower. He's a democrat blower! arrest the leaker and Shifty Schiff

  3. And when the 2nd whistle blower is disproved, a third and a fourth will appear, and a big nothing burger will be born!

  4. Bye-bye Mueller, hello Ukraine! Look! Over there! Boy, we've got him this time!


  6. How did Obama treat Whistle blowers, oh yeah they were persecuted and the Media Whores ignored and played Defense for the Kenyan

  7. Bwhahaaaaaaaa. More shit made up to take down Trump…how convenient given the timing. Newsflash Media Whores, Trump is GOING NOWHERE….U Media Whores will be tried for treason along with the Demtards….ur carcasses will be dragged thru the streets. Americans r just in the mood…Look at the real polls, people hate u Media whores more than Lawyers now that is low.

  8. You know maybe it's just me…but, has Obama even slithered out for under his rock to support Biden???? He's staying quiet and trying hard not to draw attention….How much money did he make????….and let loose the Dogs of War!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Trump 2020

  9. It's not really a second whistle-blower. The second "whistle-blower" is the source/one of the sources for the first whistle-blower. This is a typical C_A dirty trick. The Clowns do this so often its hard to believe they get away with it, but of course they don't, they have a compliant fake news media and a bunch of cowardly, spineless congress-critters that simply go along with this crap as if it's actually real. Anyway, what they're doing with the new "whistle-blower" is called re-purposing a source; to wit, Source A comes forward and claims he's heard something from somebody about issue X. While Source A's statement is being investigated, or his credibility comes into question, enter Source B who can independently confirm everything Source A said because he was a witness to issue X. Now there are two, seemingly independent sources backing each other up, when in reality they're not independent at all, Source B was the source for Source A's original statement. Its a confidence game all the worlds intel agencies that have ever existed have played, its purpose in the spy game is to allow Spy Agency A to plant, and then confirm, false information in another country's spy agency. It was done brilliantly by the Brits in Operation Bodyguard and Operation Double Cross. Operation Bodyguard was used to plant false information in the German intel system to convince Hitler the Normandy landings were a diversion and the "real" D-Day landings were going to take place in Calais in early July. Operation Double Cross was used to confirm for the Germans that their intel was accurate. And it did work brilliantly as Hitler would not release his Panzer Divisions in time to thwart the landings. By the time he knew he'd been duped, it was far to late for the nazi's. But I digressed, sorry. In the present case, Adam Schiff is the front man for this deception operation and frankly, he's just not smart enough or smooth enough or quick enough on his feet to pull off a caper like this. And it show's. These guys did not apply game theory to their plan, obviously Brennan and Schiff planned this is a rush, the sloppiness proves it. They didn't even check their plan to find any of the loose ends that should have been dealt with before they ever started to execute their plan; the devil is always in the details. This was another very amateurish operation brought to you by the firm of Deep State, Brennan & Schiff Stratagems Inc. A private Intel company located within CIA HQ in Langley VA. LOL

  10. Hey, you biased little dwarf, what fu*king difference does it make if you have 1 idiot, or a hundred? We already have the transcript!

  11. George Stephanopoulos worked for Hillary. Enough said. He was raised a liar and will always be a liar. They are the most corrupt in history by far.

  12. the Ukraine hoax has been exposed, now the fake media camps on it anyway, just like the russia hoax. Yawn…..where do I find NEWS?

    Oh….. FOX is running the border patrol press conference, talking about the great success our president made happen while the lame congress with an incompetent Speaker refuses to do their job. EVERY president in the past caved in to the lunatic lefts relentless pressure to have it their way, not THIS president…he fights for America.

  13. its hopeless people. the senate and supreme court are gop . remember he said he could shoot somebody ?

  14. How about a resolution for some Tax returns. Not a legal requirement but done over the past few times.

  15. All elite BULLSHIT they are all afraid of trump because he is cleaning house making sure PERVERT CHILD MOLESTER BIDEN ISNT EVER IN OFFICE. WE SHOULD BE THANKING HIM

  16. "In 2015", Trump won’t be President (Quote: Nutty Nancy)….. 2016, Let’s impeach the President with the Russian Hoax (Nutty Nancy, Nagging Nadler, Adam Schit)….. 2017, Lets impeach the President with obstruction of justice (Nutty Nancy, Nagging Nadler)….. 2018, Let's impeach the President “He’s out of control, Reckless and his Lawlessness” (Nutty Nancy, Nagging Nadler, Adam Schit)….. 2019, oh we got him now, 2 Whistleblowers (Adam Schit, Nutty Nancy, Nagging Nadler)…. The Dems are so use to being in complete power and NOW, they're not getting their pockets filled with foreign money… By the way, I love how the President is getting things accomplished to make America safer and great again, despite the Demo-idiots trying to stop him and not doing their jobs.

  17. Who needs the first hand knowledge when the original transcript has been out? Well only fools do.

  18. 1st-hand information on….. what? Not on the Ukranian call… everyone on it has already reported. .. so this one has first hand info on……? what? I know it couldn't be that he left the urinal without washing his hands 'cause he's a "germ-a-phobe" (which is also why we know he didn't touch a porn star……..)

  19. While the dems are toasting him I hope Hillary's illegal activity gets outed too.. what's good for the Goose is good for the gander period!! Shes as guilty as he is when it comes to collusion. I'd like to see all of them that are manipulating countries and companies to get wealthy get charged w treason…..we are busy doing this shit and we arent paying attention to the fact that the banks are running themselves into the ground again and have had nearly half of the 08 bailout amount forked over to them again in the last 3 months, but we wouldn't know because we are busy watching a kindercare spitball fight on the edge of our seats waiting for dentures to fall out as we cringe from the heavy mouth th sounds. I dont like trump but I'd Hillary's hostile ass woulda sit the hell down like she should have the dems would have had the white house!! Bernie would have mopped the floor w trump and taken the house all the millenials were on board and were going to cast the vote. They stayed home and the older Americans was so blatantly sick of the idea of Hillary taking office they actually cast more than the 2000 total votes I thought trump would ever get.. I thought he was a joke that could never win.. and he never could have against anyone but Hillary…. her ego and hunger for control and ultimate power lost that election for th e left because if she'd have simply taken a damn knee the dems would be in the WH and this ridiculousness wouldnt even be thought of… now done with this I cant handle the denture slipping mouth sounds of the script keeper who tries so hard to portray a good person… paaaalease they're all full of straight shit…

  20. whistleblower of what? We have the transcript of the phone conversation. We have first hand information.

  21. I have first knowledge information. I read the 5 pages phone transcript.

    gossipblowers # 1, 2 don't have any new information.

  22. Another waste of time and money investigating him cause they cannot stand him. Damn democrats!


  24. We heard this with the 1st whistle blower I will believe it when it's proved and then with all the lying the fake news has done I will still have doubts.


  26. Another CIA agent's blowing whistles and dicks.

  27. I think tekashi 69 is 2nd the whistleblower.

  28. Maybe the second whistleblower can do a better job lying than the first one! 😁😀

  29. Insert look at this dude no no no no meme here

  30. It's funny how Donald likes to accuse others of being crooked (e.g., Crooked Hilary, Crooked Joe Biden). The tax returns will expose Crooked Donald.

  31. It’s clear to me that I can ACTUALLY go piss on a Trumper’s head and tell them that it’s raining.

    I always thought that was just a saying.

  32. so what…I actually have better first hand…..

  33. '2nd Whistleblower' ? The transcript has been released, so everyone knows what was said in the call ! You really are hilarious ! Get ready for the 2nd instalment of Liberal Election Night Meltdowns gonna be great !!

  34. Enough about Ukrainium !
    Let’s talk about Tiger Woods. Do you think he really drives a Buick ?
    He could afford a BMW. Maybe Buick gives him the car as a promotional gimmick. yeah, that’s probably it.

  35. Bottom line. Donald Trump has divided our country and leads a poor example for other world leaders. He has no regard for diplomacy and he lies CONSTANTLY.
    He clearly has EXTREME Malignant narcissism and carries the worst immaturity you’d find in ANY human being.
    He is an embarrassment to himself, can’t control his temper, can’t control his loose-minded tweets; let’s his country and every world leader see his weaknesses in his tweets alone. A wiseman stays quiet & stealth; doesn’t let his foes know what’s in his mind, but this lunatic cries like a baby every time someone disagrees with him as he POUTS on social media like a child. He spends most of his presidency having to defend himself… like the ads he been purchasing; they’re embarrassing. It’s HIS way or NO way and he gets NOTHING ACCOMPLISHED.
    HE IS A THREAT TO WORLD PEACE and he is the WORST role model for our children. He is EVERYTHING a leader should NOT be, yet he is the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. I declare one of the worst days in American History was the day he became our President.

  36. Trump wanted to use this to brainwash his fans

  37. Congress did not investigate the destruction and obstruction of the investigation of evidence for the “TWIN TOWERS” and building SEVEN while they SPIED on THE TRUMP TOWERS.
    God won't fix what we have broken when we have the power GOD gave us to fix what we break and wisdom not to break.  Anything broke becomes Space Dust.  Knowledge is Prayer.

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