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3 abandoned rice cookers cause bomb scare in NYC subway

Police are searching for a person of interest who they believe left one rice cooker on the street and another two in the subway, leading to street closures and a subway evacuation.




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  1. He should have left rice in them

  2. Arse did it to scare people. Some people are just wired to do some cruel stuff.

  3. I thought it was pressure cookers used for bombs. Rice cookers wouldn’t hold enough pressure.

  4. We should ban assault style military full semi automatic rice cookers.

  5. Pressure cookers need to be banned, they are kill machines, they are assault cookers, enough is enough, all pressure cookers need to be banned.

  6. If he isn't asian they should be suspicious with a man with a rice cooker lol

  7. Dude want to give free cookers

  8. what can they charge him with?

  9. i didn't understand what the lady said other than that was scary lol

  10. Everyone’s gangsta till the rice cooker shows up.

  11. If he was trying to get rid of them, he should have left them in Chinatown. Someone would have appreciated a free rice cooker! SMH

  12. Looks like Dale Earnhardt jr.

  13. Why waste pressure cookers them things ain’t cheap

  14. He looks like ticky Tobin from hardball😂

  15. Prime day tee shirt. Three rice cookers. Stolen returns that he needed to get rid of? Nobody ever calls the cops on a roomba.

  16. He tryna give the homeless sumpin to cook with

  17. The suspect was right behind the reporter at the end of the segment!!

  18. He's giving them away after a regretful purchase this prime day

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