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3 Easy Exercises to Lose Thigh Fat

What can you do to lose thigh fat? Diet and general exercise are always recommended, but these 3 simple exercises will target your inner and outer thighs so you can slim them down, say goodbye to cellulite, and prevent chafing. If you do these exercises consistently, you could even lose fat from other parts of your body!

Targeting a particular area for fat loss is always tricky, but these exercises will give you the best chance to lose that pesky thigh fat. For the best results, add these exercises to your existing workout routine. The best workout will include cardio, strength training, and flexibility exercises. And remember to also follow a healthy diet!

Side-lying leg raise 0:52
Tree lean to side lunge 3:08
One-legged hip thrusts 4:48

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– #1. The best part of this move is that you can do it anywhere — as long as there’s enough space! It will help you tone your glutes and hips, but it will mostly target your outer thighs. If you are one of the millions of people in the world with cellulite, focusing on this powerful outer thigh exercise will help you regain smooth legs and might help you drop a jeans size.
– #2. Lunges are a vital part of any exercise routine that seeks to reduce thigh fat. They are good at increasing your heart rate, which leads to fat burn. And when you add the tree lean move, you get a really effective combo movement! A regular lunge will usually target just your inner thighs, but this move will also work your core, hips, and entire lower body.
– #3. The legs are one of those stubborn areas where a lot of fat can be stored even if you are slimming down in other areas, so don’t get discouraged. It’s important to do the right leg exercises that’ll help you not to bulk up. If you are set on slimming down rather than getting legs that are too muscular, it’s best to do exercises like this over other popular leg exercises like squats.

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  1. Which do you like more, strength training or cardio?

  2. This doesn’t help. Tried it

  3. English is very horrible to hear

  4. It’s just me lying down right?….yea probably

  5. I’m really skinny…*BUT MY THIGHS ARE FRICKING HUGE*

  6. Get addicted to any exercise. And you will get the results. +point
    You will feel good about yourself +energetic.

  7. Will it effective just in only 1 week?

  8. I think this ex only fir girls r boys also now

  9. Instructions unclear. I cut all my hair off and then lit my car on fire

  10. Anyone else really short so everything goes to the thighs 🙋🏻‍♀️

  11. 1like = 1 day doing this workout PLZ I NEED MOTIVATION

  12. Who is watching this video but scrolling down reading the comments 😂😂

  13. Alright I’m starting this tomorrow for 5 days.Because I don’t know why my thighs are big im not even that lazy

  14. My legs

    Front View:


    Back View:

    ( ) ( )

  15. no i dont want skinny legs

  16. I tried lifting my legs at the same time but it won't budge so I'm like:

    "Lift you b*tch."

  17. Am I the only boy watching dis 😂😭💀🤦🏾‍♂️

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  19. Tip – if u feel hungry,drink water coz your brain confuses wen u hungry or thirsty👍

  20. All are like here 12-15 years old …so guys keep it on and i hope everyone of you will achieve success and please pray for me2

  21. Day 1: MY LEGS HURT SO BAD

  22. My dad tells me to work out more I'm like. Why I'm already the 2nd strongest person in my grade.

  23. Does cycling make your thighs thinner?

  24. Thighs:dang im skinny
    Stomach:dang im THICCCC

  25. I literally weigh 114 pounds, and everyone keeps asking me why I keep working out…BECAUSE MY THIGHS LOOK LIKE WATERMELONS

  26. I'm going to try to do this everyday, to every other day. I'm not comfortable sharing My weight or my age, but maybe when I do feel comfortable? Sorry friends 😂 also, keep in mind I longboard.

    Day #1: I had a little bit of trouble completing the exercise. I don't feel much different, but I did it like 3 minutes ago. So who knows 😂

    Day #2: Not much different. The exercise was a little bit easier, but only a bit. I didnt long board today, just the exercise.

    Day #4: 2 pounds lighter 👌

  27. Who’s watching and is under 14 years old

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    23/9: thighs round in cms: 45cm

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    Who wants to lose weight for their Oppas ???

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