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3 killed, 3 injured when beach bluff collapses

The incident took place Friday in Encinitas, California.


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  1. Always there.
    Lifeguards NEVER say a word of warning.
    Also their station is placed right up against the cliff!!!!
    What does that all say to all going to our beaches!!??

  2. This week been mass death 💀😢

  3. Who would sit under that or near it oh gosh no that's common sense much mud slides cali has

  4. Let’s see if Encinitas will do anything to keep people safe from the bluffs. I doubt it!

  5. Since this tragedy with lives lost and families grieving, how long will it take for somebody to politicize this. Prayers for the families.

  6. Seems as if you cannot be at the beach anymore, don't forget the sharks!!

  7. Thank u for telling us what we are seeing.

  8. They try to warn them told them to evacuate and they wouldn't so rest in peace

  9. i always stay away from the wall of that when i go there for that reason, you never know when that side wall will come down .. so sad way to go out like that RIP

  10. Saludos cordiales paz bien verdad justicia, lamentable situación uff!!

  11. Donald Trump is a disease for this country.

  12. This is how they work. Stupid routine.

  13. Mother nature or global warming ..

  14. Purple shirt lady’s eyebrows are wack

  15. well less to flee the state and turn other states into shit…..good riddance california you're a hell hole that needs to go away

  16. And who is really responsible ? Need more accountability

  17. Wow they actually said it was a natural event and not global warming… looks like she's allowed to think for herself.

  18. Unless more than 2 or 3 killed its never threatening.

  19. I'm sorry for what has happened, but everyone knows that California is falling… Why would you be so close to the edge…

  20. Very sad all that bluff got lose after the earthquake so becareful .

  21. We have to realize that Earth is a death trap and we must be alert. Were there any signs in that area warning of dangers of collapse?

  22. Do you suppose rising ocean levels have had an impact?

  23. Was it from the massive earthquake last month? The modern building technology saved all the buildings but this is really sad my heart goes out to the family i hope they ard okay!!!

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