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3 suspects steal $4M worth of jewelry from NYC store l ABC News

Workers buzzed in the alleged thieves who pretended to be customers, police said; the store is known as a jeweler to the stars, including Nicki Minaj. READ MORE:

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  1. So much for New York's strict gun laws.

  2. Doesn’t really matter they’re black so they’ll get caught. They can’t sell it. Who’s gonna buy it without noticing? I’m sure they’ll make a rap video or wear it everywhere. Black people are retarded.

  3. The frist guy looks like wyclef from the fugees 🤔😁😀😂

  4. Looks like some white guy painted his face black and have rasta hair style crazy

  5. Wow, wouldn't you know there Black!

  6. Had to give Nikki and Wayne some promo right

  7. I hope they never get caught

  8. Now He got more money than your fav rapper

  9. Forgot the black spray paint for the cameras

  10. These guys are going to get real soon. First, facial recognition technology will identify them. Second, they stole from the most privelaged people in the world, Jews.

  11. We got Rob vicious and Master kato with School boy hitting a lick

  12. Funny carma stolen diamonds from Africa stolen back by Africans lmao…..

  13. They drop a 1000$ reward and they will be caught in 2 hours!!!

  14. They are something out of a movie.

  15. I wonder what race they are ?

  16. Well them niggas got they reparations😁😁😁😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  17. I hope 🤞 those are fake 🎭

  18. Lmao this shit is fake
    Nicki says it “ i dont need no fraud “
    No way they getting away in NYC

  19. Do they have some face disguise masks on? If not they are some dumb mother fuckers.

  20. They definitely left the country

  21. Im pretty sure that Store had some Type of insurence

  22. I Pray that they’re apprehended, how dare they do it as if it’s a Prank. So nonchalant about Burglary this is Deplorable. If Hungry Ask not Everyone will Help . Out of 💯 1 will Though.
    Those Braids not Real they are Made on the Hats. Police should study the Faces through recognition. Not use eye witness distorted ID , or outdated software.

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