Friday , November 27 2020
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3-year-old girl in North Carolina sells lemonade to help babies in need

Ava Lewis has been selling lemonade made with her grandmother’s recipe and using the money to buy supplies like diapers.




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  1. I love this. Such a sweet and special little girl.

  2. does she have a permit?

    (im obv playing btw)

  3. Wishin Beyonce would jump in on National Lemonade Day.

  4. Awwwwww that is so sweet🍶👧💞💞💅👣👍

  5. A little girl with a BIG heart!

  6. Shame on all those older people who has thousand and million of dollars who can not share.

  7. Permit Patty would like to know your location

  8. Better to love than to hate

  9. If child labour is necessary for mothers to have access to basic childcare supplies your system is broken

  10. So sweet. God bless her.

  11. Ava….we love you!! Thank you for your service!! 😍

  12. Way to go pretty little business woman.

  13. Bad idea someone out there will try take the cash why show em where it at beautiful video tho

  14. Well it's mom and daughter.

  15. Sweetest little girl. Great job to the family that raised such a thoughtful princess. 😊

  16. What an adorable blessing she is 😍👍🏾💕….

  17. What a beautiful heart of love.
    This extraordinary little girl has.
    She is taking action for other children.
    Loving and giving an important gift to those tiny, precious babies.
    So they will be dry and comfortable.
    She is showing us all two important lessons.
    How to to love your neighbor as yourself. And
    To do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
    Plus selling some delicious lemonade.
    Bless her heart! She's adorable and
    May God bless her and keep her!

  18. If that child was white, government would immediately shut her down claiming no business license, no health inspection etc etc. But a negroid ? The 'groids get a free pass. Black privilege.

  19. I remember when a boy was doing this and everyone was saying if she was black shed get a ticket. And look that didnt happen

  20. What a cutie and what a big heart.

  21. Nuh ain't getting no tears from me sniffles SHUT UP

  22. Sure she is.. Parents like cashing

  23. God bless your heart baby girl 🙏❤😘 we need more love like this in world!!! 👏👏😊

  24. I bet her lemonade is so good

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