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30 Years Searching l 20/20 l PART 4


After she was found almost naked, an autopsy revealed Stavik’s cause of death was asphyxia by drowning and she had been sexually assaulted. Police built a DNA profile of the unknown male assailant.

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  1. I feel so bad for this family. The mom is a strong lady. I know it was so hard on my grandma when we lost my mom.

  2. 1:10 Something about way it is floating and bobbing there… how chilling and sad. It is moving like she is still alive. But, she's not, and the image… it's like it somehow represents all the things she wanted out of life…all her hopes and dreams…just gone.

  3. What a sweet beautiful girl, my heart ♥️ goes out the the family!

  4. I cannot fathom losing my child like that…….just awful.My prayers go out to the family…..

  5. she was on her return trip home and some saw her then. So they would know the stretch of road where she was assaulted, between there and her home. Then they found the body floating in that river, so the attack was upstream from where the body was found.

  6. Hey, whoever you are, reading this right now….Jesus wants you to know he loves you. Yes you. Regardless of what you’ve done. And there’s nothing you can do to change it.

  7. I'm so sorry for her mother

  8. 3:05 thats her and her sister right? Not mom?

  9. The show aired 9/20 and they played part of a song does anyone know the name? It was haunting as this story began

  10. She was found on the nutsac river

  11. It's because these vids are " borrowed" from other channels. Not complete.

  12. This chokes me up. I feel bad for her mother and family, I can’t imagine the pain they’ve been forced to endure.

  13. 6:43 DNA wasn't "new"; it's usage in crime investigations was "new", as DNA has existed since the beginning of mankind. Many crime shows mistakenly make this statement. The most common incorrect statement is: "We didn't have DNA back then." smh

  14. Losing a Mother is just as painful as losing a child imho, though this poor Mother lost TWO children…rest in peace Mandy…and Brent

  15. She was a beautiful girl. So sorry for your suffering. I hope her family and friends find peace ✌️ in their lives.

  16. She was so beautiful and obviously a well rounded student/person. I really feel for her Mother, the death of a child is so devastating. Her siblings and friends as well, it’s horrible. How could people be so violent?

  17. Part 1 they took the cup for DNA. Part 2,3,4 No mention of the fucking cup. Whoever did this story is a moron.

  18. Her killer was tried and jailed in July 2019

  19. What kind of dumb detectives dont check the neighbors? Maybe get their DNA?

  20. People always think itcant happen in their town that it only happens in a big cities. Thats just not so. The reason you hear more in big areas is the populatio. EVIL lives everywhere…..

  21. he probably sat on her until she drowned

  22. Disgusting monsters that fall into lust, rape, and murder a human being. Still to this day it is happening and many cases are left unsolved or to be forgotten about. May all who had to endure this Rest In Peace.

  23. the mom💗 the cutest

  24. Last part is missing.
    ABC does this every time.

  25. 📍3:05 Mother and Daughter look just like each other. 👯‍♀️Both beautiful. This story breaks my heart 💔🥺

  26. Typical still can't solve nothing….

  27. Hopefully they’ll catch the POS💩 that did this to Mandy.. I’ve seen parts 1, 2, & 4, 3 is missing.. hugest condolences to the family for such a horrible thing to happen. So very very sorry. RIP

  28. Am I the 1st comment? Im stuck on this like 😳

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