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30 Years Searching l 20/20 l PART 5

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Hundreds mourned the 18-year-old student’s death. Police followed up on hundreds of tips but could not find a DNA match. Years of investigating turned into decades as her case turned cold.

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  1. Unsubscribing. I watch all 5 parts & am completely mystified who did this horrendous act & I find out there's no part 6!!!! I could Google it but I figure it was the guy who refused to give his DNA but I wanted to see the families reactions & watch the filth get arrested!

  2. 20/20 you !!???!! Part 6 ????

  3. out of US viewers that can’t watch these links people keep sending: guess i’ll die

  4. Yeah I just gave ABC advertisement money for clicking 5 parts, and I live in Canada, so I can’t watch the end? Why upload this for profit and be so disrespectful? Whatever. I’ll give my money to 20/20 Australia from now on.

  5. Um hello? Where's the final part?

  6. The reporter (Cheng) smiles all the way through this sad story. What's wrong with her?

  7. Is Mandy still dead? Ok sorry but when you leave us hanging well ….. imaginations can run wild. Please bring the conclusion for this saga.

  8. You Mofo’s where is part 6? smh

  9. Why do you do that? You put every episode on YouTube except the LAST ONE! Such bullsh*t😡

  10. Like helloo wat happened…like who was it..who killed her..wtf. I was solving a case here…where s part 6..

  11. i was dying to see the ending wow?

  12. They should've checked all the cameras around the entire perimeter and investigate all the cars that have entered or left the area within 24 hours. Its a tiny community and there are barely any cars going in and out. If no car is suspected, then it means the killer lives within the community, which he did. He lived next to her house.

  13. Guys , stop commenting on this vid as it just gives ABC more money

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