Thursday , August 11 2022

'30,000-Year-Old Baby Woolly Mammoth' Found By Yukon Gold Miner

Miners digging for gold in Canada’s Yukon discovered a near-perfect mummified baby woolly mammoth believed to be over 30,000 years old.

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  1. She died not knowing she would still be mourned some 30,000 years later.

  2. After the flood these slow moving beasts got caught in the North at the beginning of the Ice Age. Many trying to free themselves from wind driven loam & snow, fractured their front legs. This small one was instantly frozen glozen

  3. facts over fantasyland ridiculousness.

  4. wait , I thought god created the earth? LMAO

  5. Hey look its 30,000 years old! LMAO we just pull ridiculous numbers out of no where and they believe us.

  6. Gonna be an interesting episode of Gold Rush

  7. What in the Jurassic park

  8. She’s precious! I’ve been learning about them and scientists have been able to get DNA samples. They’re getting more and more closer at obtaining a complete set. Amazing find.

  9. But but but the Earth is only 6,000 years old!
    The Watchtower ( sarcasm)

  10. Thank you for naming her in the language of her First Nation family – whoever had that idea! I also like that this piece recognized the Nation on whose land she was resting. That’s rare in the US.

    It’s sad to see how often the Indigenous People, who were such responsible and intelligent managers of the pre-eurocaucasian landscape of the North American continent, are forgotten. I grew up with the Salish, Kootenai, and Blackfoot Nations even though I have a partially Indigenous Saami Nation heritage. It hurts, causes physical pain, to be forgotten about when a historic find of any kind is found in the traditional lands that your clan and Nation watched over.

    I wonder if her birth was celebrated, how, and by whom, she would have guaranteed that the herd would continue. I wonder if the people who celebrated her birth also mourned her death, how she died, whether her mother comforted her and received comfort from others in the troupe. I will be watching as her story unfolds!

  11. Prolly most recent awesome discovery may provide insight provoking investigation, even Yukon currently with mining & environment so these artifacts may appear.
    Beyond the rabbit hole Deeper the mineshaft we go

  12. …and the Death Cult will no doubt claim that this is proof that the right to slaughter babies in the womb goes back for thousands of years.
    Even the Wooly Mammoth Mamas were doing it.

  13. So this belongs to the indigenous first nation people there, no one seems to be talking about that….

  14. 6000 years max. The Bible records that earth was made around that time and lineages of Adam and Eve can record that too.

  15. If there was ever an animal I wouldn’t mind Jurassic Park-DNAing back to life, it would be Woolly Mammoths! So darn cute!!!

  16. Incredibly horrific crimes are revealed at the Azovstal plant in Mariupol—— more than ten burned bodies of foreign mercenary instructors have been found; this was established, in particular, by a fragment of an unburned American passport and other signs. The fact that they were killed by the Nazis of Azov and did not die in battles is confirmed by the fact that there was a morgue in the dungeon of Azov, where the corpses of the Ukrainian military were preserved. New facts were discovered in Lisichansk – the charred corpses of foreign mercenaries – all this speaks of an order from Kyiv to destroy foreign instructors if there is a danger of them being captured.

  17. Until you find Sid the sloth, I refuse to believe this is real.

  18. With the backwardness of our economy, increment in the price of gas, alarming rates of unemployment. I must confess our country have taken a wrong turn. Vividly I don't know how else to carter for my expenses.

  19. ICECAP use to be a tropical rainforest