Thursday , November 26 2020
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4 ‘extremely dangerous’ inmates escape Ohio prison

Law enforcement officers in three states are working to apprehend them.


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  1. seem like upstanding citizens to me. send them to a halfway house with $100 for each

  2. Stop giving women men's jobs and this crap wouldn't happen. Women have absolutely no business being in the military, fire fighting or law enforcement. Period. Full stop.

  3. Well so much for women being as competent as men

  4. great job ladies… #MeToo in full fucking effect

  5. 2 woma against 4 men???? Whose brilliant idea was that? ???$$$$!$

  6. Inside helper pretty o obvious. ..No I D info available? What else are they hiding from public on 4 disposable meat heads they needed for some drug deals!!!$$!$$$!$

  7. This wouldn't have happened if the Delicious Nickalicious and Rob Dawg still worked there. #Brohio

  8. They need to stay away from all society for a long while.

  9. I hope they get a movie deal. Haha. Good for you

  10. I don't get how they allow female guards in all male prisons , they are more likely to be over taken , killed and or raped by inmates. I firmly believe they need to keep Male guards in male prisons and females in all female prisons. It also keeps the ones who love the lifers away from helping them escape

  11. Why are there women guarging men??

  12. Why does this allways happen in ohio??

  13. Wait, if they're "extremely dangerous" Why didn't you execute them or do better?

  14. females belong in the kitchen

  15. Sounds like a bunch of caucasian FOOLISHNESS!!🤦🏽‍♂️

  16. It's one thing to pretend that women can do the same job as men do( sports announcers,construction, military,etc) but we need to draw the line regarding public safety. Women as cops/ jailers puts the public at risk and it needs to stop.

  17. so 4 dangerous large men vs. 2 women. and as a female, it's not sexist to say its not surprising this happened

  18. Knowing Ohio, they will probably elect these deplorables to the state Congress!

  19. This is why inmates should be locked in a cell 24/7 with no access to anything except a canned meal twice a day.

  20. Whoever thought it was a good idea to let women be corrections officers in male facilities was very naive

  21. They'll probably get jobs as ABC contributers😑

  22. Zacahary fine asf…I’m js tho 🤷‍♀️

  23. Look at what violent movies and video games did again. I also blame acdc for that jailbreak song

  24. Equal opportunity employment will do this to you. Female officers guarding male inmates. Feminist genius.

  25. Why Pennsylvania and why shut down a mall?

  26. Exactly why females should not be guarding mail fucking inmates stupid gender equality shit stupid

  27. Just waiting for it to be revealed that the women had a sexual relationship with one or all of these men

  28. Please check out Andrew Yang on Joe Rogan podcast, he's an amazing Candidate for president. Or read his book, war on normal people, free on YouTube.

  29. It is just incredibly stupid for these creeps to have even the possibility of escaping. It would be better to just keep them cuffed, both hands and feet, at all times. They should not have any possible way of escaping and if they (the fools responsible for allowing them to escape) can't do that, then just put these guys to death. What exactly is the point of paying to keep them alive? Why do so many good people have to suffer because really bad people either escape or are eventually let go back into society?

  30. Gee, almost 1000 comments and there's not a one in sight about the race of these thugs. If they were black, the racist comments would be flying… 'Murica!

  31. Kill your local drug dealer.

  32. Was that second guy the ringleader? Was the first guy the scary sob? That pictures creeping me out, look at the first guys eyes…

  33. Maybe Islam is right about women.

  34. but i thought women & men are 100% interchangable…

    granted, 4 prisoners MIGHT (depends on if shackled, etc) have overpowered 2 men but the question is- would they have tried to?🤔

  35. Two female officers lol…

  36. This is what you liberals get for your precious equality… fucking idiots!

  37. White privilege works in jail too apparently because if they were minorites they would be arrested again that same day seems more like an intentional inside job dealing with more than them female officers

  38. Someone has seen prison break

  39. LOL…Oh, they're EXTREMELY dangerous…FUCK YEAH….MERICA! GO TO THE EXTREME BRAH! MOUNTAIN DEW! YAHOO! …Smirk…I'm fuckin dangerous and given the right circumstance a small house cat can be EXTREMELY dangerous…Use the military for watching prisoners or competent will paid employees instead of the fat stupid minority quota satisfying dregs of society they use now.

  40. Two female guards. See they cannot do what man can

  41. they better go to canada cas for the first time in modern history they ain't gettin across mex border.

  42. so basically 4 inmates escaped from .25 of one man.

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