Sunday , November 29 2020
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4 killed in Kansas City bar shooting | ABC News

Police are still searching for a suspect.

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  1. Again psychopaths gave weapons, morons! Progressive modern country.

  2. they want to put facial recognition camera everywhere!

  3. I live in Kansas and the same people shot up a high school 10 mins away from my school

  4. Four Hispanic men murdered. Where's Beto?

  5. Ive been raised in Kansas most of my life, I never thought something like this would happen here

  6. Its a bar not a shooting range🤣🤣🤣

  7. All I want to know is were these shooters illegal immigrants? Apparently nobody wants to talk about that. If they were not fine, if they were then it needs to be National news.

  8. Nothing new here to see. Move along.
    USA! USA! USA!

  9. Funny how none of you listen to the news and what was said they tell you what happened. YALL HEAR BUT DO NOT LISTEN. This was not gang realated. The ones killed and hurt weren't gang bangers. The shooters were gang related they were mad cause they were previously told to leave cause they were being eratic and rude and disrespectful they got kicked out by the owners and out of anger retaliated. The people hurt and killed were innocent wrong place wrong time. And the bar use to be a private club. About 2 years ago it became a Public Bar New owners. This was not a private bar anymore. Why are people hateful and full of hate nothing but hate on your comment's how sad. I bet some of you say yall believe in God and are children of God but no yall are not . Just by thinking negative and speaking off of hate is sin something not right with yall ….

  10. A few nights ago I had a random dream I was wearing a Kansas City Royals jersey. That was all the dream, it was really strange I'm not a sports fan and don't live anywhere near KC or have any reason to think about it. I kept thinking that something was pointing to KC for some reason. The first thing I read the story this morning and saw that one suspect fled wearing a K.C. Royals jersey. It was kinda trippy lol….

  11. Very anticlimactic considering they were hoping it was a white guy with an AR-15 and face paint. They got two Hispanics with just hand guns.

  12. SJWs jump to blame a white male, find out it's a Mexican male and don't know what to do…

  13. This is Exactly what Happened in Veracruz Mexico a few Weeks Earlier.. Must be Drug Related !!! Build The Wall !!!

  14. and this is why President Trump will be re-elected in 2020.

  15. Why isn’t this major news? Oh yeah, the shooter doesn’t fit the narrative that they want to push.

  16. They had to specify that the shooter was “Hispanic” because we all know these things are normally done at the hands of Right Wing Isis.

  17. That's just a regular training of a country always in war, at home as abroad.

  18. Gun not kill people, people kill people.

    In china,a lot peoples were killed by knfie and another means,We should think about why this tragedy will happen?

  19. Here is white peoples chance to say they are not white mass shooters lol

  20. Didn’t see this coming especially in America with all those guns protecting people you would think it would be the safest country in the world

  21. Uhmmm 🤔
    How does one open fire in a bar and escape without being caught 🤔
    I believe the guy was Lithuanian and Turkish born

  22. This is a mistake he has to be white 🤔

  23. And y'all though the killer was a white man that just finished watching the joker.
    Went and grabbed he's guns that he uses to shoot squirrels. And shoots Hispanics .
    Rip hermanos.

  24. Seem difficult staying alive in the USA . Americans love to kill overseas or at home . They have to kill . Even rattlesnakes in nature are not secure . YT / Sport Channel . Rattlesnakes & a bow .
    /// You never know what you are going to run into when walking around here in Texas! We went out looking for boars and came back with a rattlesnake! CRAZY GUYS LIVING IN A CRAZY COUNTRY . Good luck !!!

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