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4 missing after cargo ship capsizes off Georgia coast | ABC News

Coast Guard officials have heard noises inside the ship that was carrying vehicles to Baltimore when it flipped on its side, officials said.

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  1. Hey Stepphanippolis, how are those visits to Epstein's house?

  2. Hope there safe and sound

  3. Is a sister ship to the 'Modern Express" that rolled in heavy seas near Spain's Bay of Biscay in 2016?

  4. Who thought the country Georgia

  5. All were rescued. Thank you US Coast Gaurd.

  6. thanks us coastguard. godbless you….

  7. Anyone with brain please give me a list of possibility why THIS ship overturns? I searched quora and google and no luck. My sister asked me this and i have no answer. I feel stupid.

  8. again??
    South Korea has to give thanks to U.S.
    But I am glad that everyone are safe.
    And then, enough already!stop overloading South Korea.

  9. All 4 men trapped in the engine room were rescued according to another news source

  10. A 7 day offer from CARMAX was made for all vehicles in any condition.

  11. The US Coast Guard…..unsung heroes for sure!!

  12. Fuck I hate all these "newscasters"
    Especially the bitch in the middle.

  13. Hey captain… can she do a donut..?

    Captain: hold my brewski… I got this..!

  14. They didn’t kno what to do 🤦🏽‍♂️

  15. Last night I watched ms poseidon 2006 n I wake up to this

  16. Well, I don’t see any crush damage apparent, so I think we can safely rule out a kraken attack.

  17. Good thing its not a JP Morgan ship or that would be alot of cocaine spoiled

  18. Reading through this comment section is a real eye opener. I've read everything from conspiracy theories about this and the California boat fire being linked to this being a sign of the "end times".

    Most people are just dumb. I hate to say it but it's true. If you think this and the California boat fire are linked you're an idiot. If you think a ship capsizing or having an accident is a sign that the world is ending……you're an idiot.

  19. Gob bless the coast guard semper paratus

  20. If this is not rectified immediately, the nation of Canada will make a formal declaration of war against the United Mexican States and against all Mexican people, challenging their alleged “rights of existence.”

  21. Note to self… be on the lookout for sketchy Hyundai "flood" vehicles for sale in the next year or two.

  22. Some how the media will blame Trump for this 😂

  23. why is there 1/2 a basket ball court on the deck/roof? lmao and its 2019 how are boats still capsizing? we got gps, radar, satalights, maps, common since.???

  24. The captain's wife was told to stay on the starboard side. Then she went looking for a snack.

  25. Do you think that somebody is attacking these ships 🚢 ??

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  27. The Titanic Is Jealous With This Ship Proving Itself To Be The Unsinkable Ship . I hope the last 4 people are found alive .

  28. These boating accidents are turning into a weekly event. We need to ban civilian boats! DON'T WORRY, WE'RE NOT TRYING TO TAKE YOUR BOATS. ALL I'M SAYING IS THAT WE NEED BOAT CONTROL!!

  29. What is up with this mess? Brand new boat sails 300 feet from shore and belly flops? C'mon! Flip it back upright and carry on with the voyage. Is that beached whale in about ten feet of water? Looks brand new. Golden Ray keels over 2 minutes after leaving port? It looks like you could roll up your pants and wade to shore. The Golden Ray leaves the dock, Thud! Beached whale? The whale is about 300 ft. behind the reporter on the scene. She could wade out to interview the idiot driving the boat! Boat doesn't even look too banged up, get her upright to flop over again?

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