Monday , January 25 2021
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43 States Partially Reopening As New Hot Spots Emerge | NBC Nightly News

New data shows 66 percent of recent COVID-19 hospitalizations in New York are from residents who had been staying home. Health experts say to expect a spike in coronavirus cases as more states loosen restrictions.
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43 States Partially Reopening As New Hot Spots Emerge | NBC Nightly News


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  1. I missed my fertility appointment due to this pandemic. This isn’t right at all my husband and I are going through it mentally🥺.

  2. Thank you for not being scared sheep!

  3. Well at least in a couple of weeks you can say you got out for a little bit. Happy spiking!

  4. Americans are way too passionate about the dumbest things! That’s why your rates keep going up! Your governments need to require masks! Buttt you guys just cry about the constitution and all that. It’s so annoying.

  5. Police needs to get involved. The risk of transmitting more virus is just to high still. Note: An employee should not have been shot, just for saying an health role.

  6. people aren't taking this seriously, just because you don't die doesnt mean you can't suffer from complications……there are concerns that COVID-19 could be a chronic disease with chronic symptoms…..take this seriously, nobody should want to catch this virus.


  8. REMEMBER: this economic shutdown was mandated by state govenors and their local government entities. All of this for a virus with a mortality rate that is no worse than the flu. Never forget what your government FORCED you to do because they thought they knew best.

  9. I can't stand the Cuomo's…

  10. When you survived corona virus these videos hit hard especially after seeing the Asian family going thur what they are going thur now with bills and mom in the hospital

    Have mercy on us

  11. So, the Step Uncle Sam wants to extend time for taxes, eh? How about waving them and canceling them for people who have hard times and are in lower income bracket? They have no regards for heavy burdened working class….Slithering and charming with subtle hipocricies from both ends of their mouths!

  12. Pretty sure people will forget to social distance 🐸 ☕️

  13. Just shut up nbc Its Their choice if they Want to die lol We need the economy open now If we worry about covid19 more its gonna get worse so Dont worry about it

  14. My daughter is furloughed and has been since march, she is still waiting for her first check and hopefully will get one sometime next week. My husband has not gotten his stimulus payment.

  15. I think it's funny how we as a society blame other human beings who are suffering at the fact that NONE of us are getting help from our government to actually stay home. That one time stimulus payment paid 2 bills for me and that was it.

  16. Need money learn Medtrader4 .

  17. Not gonna be buying Tyson products any time soon

  18. People don't like to be told what to do. Hope they all get sick.

  19. 5 years of struggle for the working class

  20. Honestly they should let people go out and work if they want to go out and work. Those who want to stay home, let them stay home. Simple.

  21. We took Everything for granted. Overgrown children run amok. Suffering and death is unfortunately necessary.

  22. WeekS seven !!!!! … I’m been out of money since 11/ 2019 sad

    Lord clean thiS house …., help uS lord ..

    Just and unjust

  23. This Is sad , please lord clean this house

  24. Public nuisance being displayed by grown adults because they just don’t want to follow rules and regulations. Hmmmmmm…..

  25. We need that economy, gotta pay for all those funerals ya know

  26. Meanwhile, most Asian countries are going through extended lockdowns, because countries that reopen the economy too soon, ie South Korea, Japan, China are seeing a resurgence of the virus.

    Wise men learn from the mistakes of others. Fools fail to learn from others and make their own mistakes.

  27. If you have abused your body over the years -DRINKING-SMOKING-DRUGS-its your problem you will be in bad shape if you get sick ,don't stop me from working because of the mistake you made in the past !

  28. "You are violating my constitutional rights" 😂😂😂😂 Guess what dude, it's their store and they can require whatever they want lol.

  29. News channels like this that give power to the 10% that are not following federal and local guidelines are the problem, The 90% that are doing the right thing should get the coverage

  30. These fear mongering networks have blood on their hands for making something as a bad flu season into a complete economical shut down.

  31. Get ready for the next serge. It’s NOT over and idiots are just prolonging it!

  32. It's just all going to fail we all are going too lose the coronavirus going to get worse and wipe us out when we all open back up rest in peace to everyone you know…..y'all be praying to God because the devil has won ww3 is here the end is here welcome to the Apocalypse 2020

  33. Can this be the second great depression coming?

  34. Sweet my state is in the news but for the wrong reason

  35. Coronavirus Wave 2: Let's GO! 🙋🙋🙋

  36. They shouldn’t be opening rn
    It’s ridiculous
    The corona is mutating

  37. They shouldn’t be opening rn
    It’s ridiculous

  38. How the fk is America re opened but the U.K. isn’t ://

  39. I'm fortunate cause I still have my income. I wish the country closed until things are better,but things will never be better. The reality is ppl kids are not eating. Ppl credit cards,savings accounts are depleted. Ppl are torn between making a living or contracting this virus.

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