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5 Best Tips For Teenagers || TEEN WEIGHT LOSS MOTIVATION || Mukti Gautam



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Hey Guys, I am Mukti Gautam , Certified Personal Trainer , Athlete ,Social Media Influencer & Environmentalist. I am getting so much of love from all of you. I am trying my best to help out people struggling with lifestyle issues.Hope my videos are helpful to you.
In future I will keeping letting you know that how I lost my weight and my weight lose issues and presently HOW I MANAGE TO
1.)Workout Daily
2.)Eat Healthy Tips &
3.)Also enjoy every damn Tasty food

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  1. Sabke parents aise nii hote h .Kavi Bihar aaye bhut se ghr aise h jhn itni bandidhe h ki . Kavi Kavi ko khud paida hone per ghin aati j

  2. Hm raat me kbhi khana nahi kate h kya ishe koi problem h

  3. Can we only eat fruits in breakfast? ?

  4. I am national football player di but I injurd my leg acl broken ab 6 month rest

  5. 3:16 but meri mummy mujhe khati hai ki gud se doodh fhatt jaata h

  6. Dii teenagers ki exercise or dietplan video bhi chahiye plzz🙏🙏🙏

  7. Pls make video for teenager thigh weight loss

  8. Di i want some height increasing tips with weight loss tips plz my height is only 5.1 inch in 10th standard i want to increase my height too.

  9. I am a great lover of milk

  10. I am also taekwondo 🥋 player

  11. 1.sports=🏸 badminton,dancing. 2.workout=cycling,zumba,exercise
    3.diet=fruit salad,vegetable salad.
    4.day=lemon juice
    Thank you😊

  12. Can we have coffee in snake

  13. I love rassi tappa😂😂😂😂

  14. Didi I m a teenager and I don't have to loose my weight but I want to just exercise as per daily to be fit. Please let me know🙂❤

  15. I am started 15 minutes challenge from today

  16. My parents are trying to put me in swimming or badminton . But it s pandemic. So they are not able to . That's why I started practicing dance regularly with my cousins for excercise .

  17. Dii ham Dark chocolate to kha hai ya nhi ??

  18. I love milk I loss 5 kg weight
    When I stop drinking milk I drink milk so much

  19. Can we join gym at this time of teens
    And can we do fast for one day in a whole week
    And is gym is effective for height growth

  20. When I will be in college I will pack my lunch with healthy foods . I will definitely take tiffin .

  21. i do exercise and diet but gaining weight why?

  22. Di I have a doubt that ki subhe uth ke 2 glass pani piye par pani pi ke exercise kaise kare ya exercise krr ke 2 glass pani piye????

  23. Di I am 14 years old and I really love all your videos but I really hate drinking water before brushing my teeth can I drink it after brushing my teeth ? Please let me know and lots of love n support from my side 😘💜💜

  24. Can i use mishri instead of sugar

  25. Can I have some homemade oats cookies in 3-4 pm

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