5 detained Americans to be freed Monday | GMA

The detained U.S. citizens being repatriated include Siamak Namazi, Emad Shargi and Morad Tahbaz, as well as two others who asked that their identity not be made public.

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. These are not americans..they will always be iranians..

  2. Why were those Americans there to begin with?

  3. Thank you President Biden for doing what trumped couldn’t!

  4. Why risk the travel? Stay home.

  5. I don't know how you idiots Let this happen for so long

  6. Dear Mr president should i ever be taken hostage in a hostule foreign country were i shouldn't be, do not negotiate for my life and put other Americans at risk. i am no more special or more important then the so many before me that sacrificed and gave their lives for the county. EVEN if was a basketball player in possession of drugs in a foreign country, do not negotiate my life for a few votes.

  7. Good for iran getting their oil the un who are to froze Iranian oil so punishing 🇺🇲 for helping Ukraine begging as country can tell who punished usa that Korea will help Vladimir Putin eye 👁️ for 👁️ you Ukraine kotea help Russian 🇷🇺 plains and simple that good that 🇲🇽both all the oil ⛽ and making nuclear weapons we be no longer be puppet to usa need another humble lesson ilke NVA NORTH VIETNAM ARMY how their 😭 to come back

  8. Very happy to see these people come home but I strongly condemn this deal. It encourages the US to arbitrarily freeze more foreign funds.

  9. BRANDON is the most HATED President in history and you

  10. It’s not complicated you pay them enough they’ll release them, those people shouldn’t be in the country to begin with, I know what the founding fathers would do

  11. hahahahah do you actually think for a second America cares about these poor people imprisonmend just because they are "American Citizens" They couldn't care less it's all a show.

  12. You should of left them there

  13. It's a smart move and should lower our gas prices

  14. I don’t understand some American people know already their not supposed to go in that country but they still going like in Mexico all u.s citizen have warning not to go over there due of cartel but they ignore the warnings a lot got kidnapped then they ask to the u.s government for help Damn 😅😅😅

  15. US citizens need to stop going to these countries known for taking hostages. That said, I'm STILL glad they're coming home.

  16. They can return back to Iran again and America pays another 6 billions dollars to Iran again its good game 😂😂😂

  17. Yeah right sure pal I've read the entire Bible and Quran and Iran uses the dinar and Durham which is gold and silver they would laugh at paper money.

  18. Detained=kidnapped. The MAGA Party supports kidnapping people, and the United States economy, in order to extort ransom demands. They support Iran doing it because they think it hurts President Biden. They do it themselves because there is no legal way to extort their demands. That's terrorism.

  19. Another BS deal by Biden and his administration!!

  20. USA paying cash for hostages. What a disgrace

  21. Reagan negotiated with REAL terrorists giving them arms to sexually assault and mass murder nuns and overthrow democracy, in exchange for cocaine that he imported into the USA and sold to poor minorities.

  22. Good to hear the US is returning stolen money.

  23. Gee – what’s with Obama and Biden BOTH throwing massive cash wads at Iran?! Nothing like paying terrorist ransoms. Well done Joe. Americans just became big dollar signs abroad.

  24. 6 billion dollars to a terrorist state, up to 12 Iranian prisoners whose identity is not being disclosed, and the merchant of death in exchange for 5 Americans who’s sentence in Iran would be up in 2-4 years anyway and one anti American lgbtq worthless wnba basketball player.