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5 Foods I GAVE UP to Lose 45 Pounds | My Healthy Weight Loss Story

It took me about 6 months to lose 45lbs & these are the 5 foods I gave up that helped so much! I promise it isn’t as hard as you might think to lose weight, but there are certain foods you need to ditch from your diet if you want to burn fat and have your own weight loss transformation!

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  1. What size are u in the sweat T-shirt you have on

  2. Great informative video 🙂 I’m curious when you might choose your whole milk over the almond milk? I noticed in other videos you have almond milk in your coffee. What’s your go to use for whole milk? 🙂

  3. Great vid very concise and informative!

  4. I really enjoy your videos. They are helping me so much. Thank you for your candidness and care!

  5. I follow these rules, yet I haven't lost anything :/ and don't feel any better.

  6. Just started watching and am in love with this channel 💜

  7. What's pound? The only currency i know is kilogram.

  8. You use a lot of terminology like inflammation, free radicals, and antioxidants….Is there a way that I can email you directly or something being a new viewer with Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism? I know I may be able to find a Conact Page on a website, but I worry I wont get you personally because I have been burned in the past by pages like this.

  9. You had me until you mentioned no added hormones in meat & dairy. All animals naturally have hormones so when you consume animal products you will always get their hormones. Also dairy is full of fat, hormones, blood, puss, feces, & very many unnecessary ingredients. If you switch to a Plant-based milk & cheese you don’t have to worry about any unwanted ingredients. & it’s actually nutritious for you. 🌱

  10. I can never make it more than 48 hours.

  11. Instead of saying gave up, try saying foods "what I did not want to eat"

  12. You know it’s really sad how much extra sugar is added to stuff; especially when it doesn’t truly make any difference to the taste because you know the manufacturer is adding it just to get people addicted.

  13. Be careful with grass fed because of fertilizer and insecticides

  14. I eat Oreida or Nathans crinkle cut baked fries. Taste great, low fat less than 20 gr. of carbs per serving and 90 to 100 calories per serving of about 15 fries.

  15. Hi there im newbies here. Where did you buy the soy aminos one?

  16. Did you your hypo pills make your heart beat faster ? And give you insomnia?

  17. I had hypothyroidism. I did only two things: 1) Gave up dairy and drastically reduced meat intake and 2) drank a concoction of dry coriander seeds soaked overnight in warm water first thing in the morning. Less than 2months later, I no longer have the problem

  18. Could you link a source on the soy thing? I’ve seen plenty of research saying it’s a myth that it’s even possible for us to consume enough soy for it to be harmful. I’ve never seen anything to back up that it’s true…?

  19. I swapped my tequila sunrises with tequila sodas with limes in it! I wanted to continue drinking my tequila with something more refreshing and not as sugary. Everyone thinks I’m so weird and I didn’t know anyone else actually drank it!

  20. I am 61 yrs old and have hypothyroidism like yourself. I am very excited i found your site. I love your jorney. I recently went meat and dairy and sugar free. I lost 13lbs. My doctor was amazed. I added yoga and 30 mins treadmill and biking. I am excited to continue. I have been looking for inspiration and i think you are going to hekp me

  21. I’m a vodka person! What is the best vodka at a bar ?

  22. Do you have a video with helping read labels??

  23. My biggest issue is chips! And I’m waayyyyy too lazy to bake my own kale chips and they always come out soggy. Any store bought alternative people know of that will give me my spicy chip fix but it’s healthy??

  24. Soy should also be avoided if you are female and have a strong family history of breast cancer.

  25. I just found this channel yesterday and I've been watching everything!! Thank you so much for this video. Thyroid problems run in my family snd I've just recently been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and this video was very informative.

  26. All milk is full of hormones, added or not, because it's meant to give nutrients to baby cows. Nobody needs milk past the infant stage, human or non-human. I'm not a vegan, I'm just stating the facts!!! Meat on the other hand is often full of hormones in order for factory farmers to raise the biggest animals possible and therefore make the most money.

  27. Milk does NOT have added hormones whether it’s conventional, grass fed, organic, or what ever, they are all tested THE SAME. Your misinformation is astounding.

  28. Oh man, I am hypo. I drink soy milk with my protein powder bc where I am really doesn’t have many options when I want milk with it 😭 I didn’t even think to correlate the two… guess I’ll suck it up and just drink it with water till I have more options 😞

  29. What about eating oatmeal, as in overnight oats? That has become my breakfast. I do use almond milk. Am hyperthyroid, among other things.

  30. tomato sauce typically has sugar to balance the flavor and cut the bitterness of the tomatoes. it's not just added for the heck of it.

  31. Rao's homemade is my FAVORITE pasta sauce, its sooo good! At first I thought you were about to tell me to give it up 🤣

  32. i lost 10 pounds by cutting out beef and pork, and sodas. i feel like it isn't this complicated.

  33. What are your thoughts on an air fryer?

  34. @LoveSweatFitness I love your sweater! Where can I order one? 🤗

  35. This is SOOO helpful. Thank you for sharing! I love how you make these life choices attainable.

  36. Are you a doctor? Please don't give people health advice when you don't know what your talking about

  37. Great video! Many thanks 🙏🏼! ☺️

  38. I just bought the lsf vegetarian meal plan and it calls for alot of tofu, any recommendations on what types or brands to use?

  39. I saw the Rao's in the thumbnail and was terrified bc it's my favorite sauce too. I wasn't ready to give it up 😂

  40. Hes the gardner???😒

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