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5 shot dead in Texas after gunman allegedly fired at officer then fled: Police | ABC News

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  1. Do you wanna know why they shoot people because nobody gives a fuck about anyone you people only are satisfied with money and those LAWYERS just want your paycheck to give you JUSTICE as you people call it. You people have no room to talk the media is beyond fucked up and scripted acting on a prompt screen and CGI just like in movies like Resident Evil. Why should people be watching the news you guys only want that SCOOP of the day it's a business pawn.

  2. Trumps comforting words "it could have been worse"

  3. Text book what we've been saying all along as to why civilians shouldn't be given guns.
    A guy gets angry for any reason (in this case he got fired) if he has a knife maybe he'll stab one or two before someone stops him, but if he has a gun people hears shots they duck like the sane people they are, he starts shooting until police comes or until he's empty.
    Guns are a bad idea and the people that argue with copy and paste arguments are idiots….but,, hopefully when they are the next victim they'll change their mind!

  4. Libertarians believe that every person has the right to arm themselves in self-defense. The right to self defense is one of our most fundamental rights. Few people will argue against that. However, some believe that people should not be allowed to arm themselves. Libertarians strongly disagree. Imagine a small person, walking home after a late shift at work. Imagine that person is attacked by someone twice their size. The victim fights back but is unable to defend themselves against the much larger attacker. Now imagine if the victim was armed. With the help of a gun, the victim has a chance at self defense against the much larger attacker. Gun rights are important for everyone, but especially those that are physically weaker. Banning guns would not curb violence or deaths…it will just change the nature of violence and deaths. It would result in violent criminals having more power to perpetrate violence against innocent people. Violent criminals will be emboldened if they know that average Americans are unable to defend themselves. And banning guns would mean people who should be free to go about their business, for example traveling home from work after dark, will live in greater fear. It will mean that people who live in more dangerous areas (and who are typically poorer) have fewer options to defend themselves and their families. Libertarians support people’s rights to defend themselves and to arm themselves. We see it as immoral for government to try to prevent someone from doing so.

  5. He is white 36 years old. His name is Seth Aaron ator. I live in Odessa. This happened just 5 mins from my house

  6. “We interrupt this Mass murder to give you the latest College Football scores”. Yes folks, this is the new Normal.

  7. Hey it can add up money,replacing all those glass windowws

  8. I dont care any more. No one will put a stop to it and im not wasting my tears or time on this crap anymore. Keep your 2nd amendment, its more important than peoples lives.

  9. What this is doing is, this is desensitizing us for something more catastrophic………

  10. Death toll just rose to 7.

  11. DAMN, TEXAS is the Attractive Chick now !

  12. "Millennial logic" & Far-Left Political Screaming, Streaming, Menstruum.
    You know that 100,000 people that die per year in the USA from over-the Counter &
    Prescription drugs, well it is "Trumps fault"!?
    And further the 36,750 people that died in 2018 from vehicle accidents (US), well that is
    also "Trumps fault"?
    Approximately Sixty two (62,000) thousand died (US) from unlawful drugs in 2016. Now that is a whopping 198,750 dead people in one year here in the good old USA and it is
    all "Trumps fault"?
    Sixty-three thousand Americans since 2001 have been killed by illegal
    aliens,” the president said. Or about 3,500 per year (US) All "Trumps fault"?
    Far-Left Solution, Just outlaw guns and it will all clear up overnight!

  13. I’m shocked that there was another shooting and the only thing coming out of peoples mouths is” I bet he was white” wtf I never comment on these things but damn it pisses me off cause what the hell does the color of someones skin have to do with a god damn thing? The big question is why are people feeling like this is the best route to take, maybe if there was less of uneducated people running around pulling the oh I’m white or black card then are society would be a little better. For the love of god no one cares what freaking color you are.

  14. My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families

  15. The sad part is that this born and raised criminal just as the rest of the "good folks" from "good families" have no criminal records! How come? They are always caught and released with a warning as usual without recording or sending any case to the courts. Stop pampering them and treat them just like anyone else while they are young before it's too late!

  16. What is wrong with people? Omg so senseless!

  17. There’s no point of Abbot rolling his cripple ass down and sit with families after this. He’s still taking money from the NRA. He’s protecting guns and his seat as governor. America new killers are all white men…disturbed and looking for attention. They constantly protect these white terroist. There will be more shootings because this is Texas and white people know this state only care for one race!

  18. Sad, outcry, circle around heads down and pray, denounce gun control failure, Must do laws,, rinsed and repeat! Forever ever! Just like a cassette tape! What a clown!!

  19. Well it is Texas, there will be no… OH LETS TAKE PEOPLES GUNS AWAY..no no no. It will be 'Well we need to make a trip to the gun store and buy gun or another gun. And oopps it is time I stopped procrastinating and finally took that concealed carry course and packed heat everywhere I go.

    You see yankees and liberals up north lack both balls and common sense, In Texas if someone is shooting at you, you shoot back. And now more and more people, because commons sense is so pervasive in Texas will now start to concealed carry.

    The liberal elites plan to disarm us will fail, starting right here in Texas. Oh we have some crybabies and dumb liberals in Texas, we just don't let them take over and push their "communist ideas" on the rest of us , who are "way smarter"

    And the liberal dumb yakee states need to take a cue from Texas , get rid of the "communist" running your states and take back your guns.

  20. thoughts and prayers (and keep buying more guns , suckers). This message is brought to you by the NRA

  21. They should still hang the guy and electrocute him and gas him at the same time

  22. The worst thing about all this is that Americans will debate about this on Twitter for 2 weeks and then after that never mention it again, that's sadly what happens in America whenever there's a mass shooting, everyone talks about it but they NEVER do anything to combat the problem of mass shootings.. 🙄😤🤦🏾‍♂🤷🏾‍♂

  23. People there are goin' berserk.

  24. “More college Football” that’s Texas for ya 🤣🤣🤣

  25. This is just embarrassing for america.

    My heart goes out to all who’ve been affected 💜

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