Tuesday , December 1 2020
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500 miles of border wall to be built by end of 2020: McAleenan

Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan discusses free speech and illegal immigration.

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  1. I will build 500 miles and I will build 500 more
    To be the man who built 1,000 miles of border wall.

  2. 2:50 I hate watching criminals climbing into our country like they belong.

  3. Should spray a message on the Mexico side of the wall: "Illegals need no longer apply. Sincerely, the Democrat Party." Their heads may explode.

  4. I didn't like seeing him FLEE from his speech forum and neither did TRUMP.

  5. So illegal immigrants are evil? How far would you walk to save your child?

  6. The U.S government claims we don't have constitutional rights in DC, we need a wall there as well too keep these politicians out of our country.

  7. To all you DOUCHEBAGS who said the Wall will never happen and it's a pipe dream. HOW DO YOU LIKE ME NOW? 👏👏👏👏 🖕

  8. If this country is worth living in! You'll come here legally! Trump is trying to make that happen!

  9. I was in College once! Before indoctrination! Today's college kids sound like cry baby Kindergartners' !

  10. Protestors: "The children are under attack! What should we do?"

    Me: "Build the wall to prevent their parents from abusing them."

  11. What does American mean? Dumb as a bag of fucken rocks.

  12. What's the point? All the manufacturers have already lowered their machinery height.

  13. Actually its 280, he's been caught lying

  14. Naturalization act of 1790. Bring it back. End the immigration act of 1965 which was the worst decision in American history. Repeal the 19th amendment. That’s how you make America great again. Bring back all the founding principles, and the ORIGINAL constitution

  15. We are going to be sealed off the wall is not for Mexican its for us….

  16. Love that big beautiful wall. More wall, more wall, more wall, less illegal immigrants. less free loading illegal Immigrants. Have a civil war and fix your own country. Oh no guns use rocks.

  17. These people are absolute nut cases. They can't be reasoned with

  18. Please build more wall and taller

  19. Trump said the wall would go up, it is. He said they would pay for the wall, well they are paying for it and THEY KNOW IT

  20. People who won't let you voice your opinion or give a speech are the true fascists in America today.

  21. Follow the law, build the wall. The truth is hate to those who hate the truth.

  22. Seems the consequences precede Freespeech If they can help it. Any engagement is fair game.

  23. All I know that the Lord God is in control.

  24. He quit the next day.

  25. Fun Fact: The top 10 countries the United States gets illegal aliens/immigrants from are 3rd world countries.

    We need to cut them off and stop importing those people. Only accept 1st world countries.

  26. I voted for Trump but always laughed at the idea that he would ever actually get the wall done. It's amazing what's possible when a President means what he says and follows through.

  27. And yet today he resigned…

    Idk why, but he did…

  28. Trump 1
    Low IQ failed brown Race 0

  29. Dirty stinkin low IQ Sombrero slobs….. Keep them out… Save America….

  30. 500 miles of border wall to be built by end of 2020
    500 tons of low IQ Sombrero slobs to be trapped in Mexico….

  31. Where is the CDC in this fight? The number of newly reported diseases are through the roof in California, and as is usually the case they are effecting children and the elderly the most. This is one of the biggest reason you control immigration. You would think the "save the earth" cult would also be worried about the spread of bird flu, and many other diseases.

  32. If they don’t want to listen
    Tell them nothing.
    Trump is building The Wall

  33. This all about power for the dumb Dem's. By allowing illegal's in they will have a permanent voting base which will put them in power and keep them in power just like California and NY. The dumb Dem's will be known as their saviors.

  34. Man that's a lot of random young white people shouting for immigrants. Where are the immigrants that don't support the walls and wanna protest it?

  35. We should make Mexico a US state

  36. Liberals in this country need to re-examine what liberal means.

  37. Just came from Mexico didn't see a thing walked right in thank you Trump I walked right past everyone

  38. blah blah blah just build the wall

  39. Reagan promised to build the wall. Trump is doing it! Trump 2020!

  40. Walls Work!!!!
    Trump 2020
    And beyond

  41. Put advertisements on top of that fence. PPI Public Private Initiative.

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