58% of Americans think Trump should be charged for role in Jan. 6 riot: Poll l ABCNL

The Jan. 6 House committee is set to hear from state officials who defied former President Donald Trump’s pressure to overturn the 2020 election.

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Biden I just came from Walmart and I can't afford the food or gas can you or your son lend me some money, I'm good for it, I'll pay you back soon.

  2. McCarthy is not intelligent enough to regret anything

  3. Yeah – the other 42% are completely out of touch with reality – oh of course, GOP numbskulls

  4. High inflation, Biden killing jobs, war in Europe, energy crises, forest fires in New Mexico, and many other disasters happening and you news people amd politicians are focusing on some fake riot that happened on January 6?

    What about all the riots that happened during the months before January 6 when Antifa and BLM were destroying small businesses, burning down affordable housing or causing forest fires, causing general mayhem across the nation?

    You news people(Fox News included) helped the Democrats and Antifa steal the election and you installed a crappy president who is worst than Bush, Trump and the Grand Old Party/Republicans combined.

  5. America isn't nearly as divided as extremists want us to believe. 👏

  6. He needs to be arrested today and put in prison for treason. For the rest of his life.

  7. The committee is doing an amazing work! THANK YOU 🙏🏼

  8. ONLY 58%??? This is INSANE!

  9. Trump was committing crimes so fast nobody could even count them. And this continues . . .

  10. If you only poll dems of course you'll get a high number. 58% isn't very high for just dems. Keep up you field of dreams. Hillary had to write a book when no one believed her. Gore had to pretend he invented the internet, after the hanging chads didn't get his win.

  11. Meanwhile, 95% of Americans think Joe Biden should be FIRED immediately.

  12. They polled 545 people. You don't do a poll like this with that small of a sample size. This is just a bogus poll and it's being used by ABC to push a phony narrative. If this was a Gallup poll or a Quinippiac poll, I'd believe it because they're at least accurate.

  13. I know there will be consequences for charging Trump, but I think there would be even worse ones if he and his underlings feel like they got away with this coup.

  14. Wow. Trumpscum threatening peoples families. Trump thugs threatening election workers children. Pathetic

  15. Not only Trump the entire camp who assiduously worked out a criminal plot to continue in power,despite the popular vote to the contrary . So he started even before the election that if he loses it would be only if it is stolen. Then he and the gang worked out so many schemes to substantiate this lie till jan6 when they planned the climax. The maddening murderous armed crowd out there in the capitol! All they wanted was Mike pence to either reject the result or nullify the process of certification so that when it goes the SCOTUS they can win ?

  16. That's 153% for locking Treasonous, Traitorous Trump up to just 19% saying don't. I'll take that 153% over the 19% any day. LOCK TRUMP UP!!! LOCK TRUMP UP!!!

  17. Thats a big jump for Democrates and Independants/ Republicans that are tired of Trump lies and big MIDTERMS worry for Trumps republican Neonationalist,VOTE BLUE: Remove these criminal's.

  18. I was never polled. Clearly this should read, "58% of some Americans."

  19. Report on low cognitive Joe Biden's ineffectiveness ruining the country. Stop red herring stories.

  20. Leftist marxist atheists and media are the enemies of own country. Anti-nationals. Fifth columnists.

    Leftist marxist atheists support illegals over citizens. Insult tax paying real citizens. Disrespect elected leaders. Kill patriotism.

    Destroy individuals. Destroy families. Destroy trust, innocence. Destroy friendship, goodness, holiness, modesty, puriry, honesty.

    Support infanticide in wombs.

    Made beasts out of individuals reducing to below animal status. Made mockery of individual value. Made mockery of marriage. Made to distrust people. Make controversies out of nothing.

    Leftist marxist atheism curriculum taught in schools and universities that life is meaningless, purposeless.

    Atheism raised rebellious, depressed people, fatherless children depriving love and affection they deserve. Atheism brought lack of love, insecurity, stress, trauma, abuse, loneliness, lack of kindness, burning businesses, looting, attacking Police.

    In face of superior argument, the inferior argument becomes violent.

    Donald Trump vs low cognitive Joe Biden coverage palpable of bias. Dangerous selective reporting.

    How good it will be if controversies not manufactured in first place.

    Leftist marxist atheists are gutless to condemn Islam terrorists.
    But overt Christophobes. Attack Christians knowing their non-retaliatory stand. Imagine if the majority community becomes violent and rebels

    Atheists destroy the good work great institutions do or doing. But have no alternative or willingness or motivation or intention or reference to help or do themselves. Good at destruction, not construction.

    Living in prosperous cozy Christian foundational non-retaliatory countries and becoming celebrities.

    Atheists if you have spine go live and criticize Islam, and other religions in their countries and become even more popular.

    Atheists please show your credentials by moving to and transforming undeveloped or Islamic country in to a prosperous country. Open borders. Illegals, Muslims, Islamic supremacist welcome. Zero rallies/protests against Muslims or zero legal actions if they are against LGBT or refuse to bake gay wedding cakes or refuse to sell pork. Zero investigations on Islamic institutional child abuse. Zero criticism of Muslim hypocrisy. Laissez-faire. Burning and looting businesses are peaceful protests, not crime. Christophia is constitutional right. Defund police to non-existence. Global cooling. Create utopia. Without copying Jesus Christ principles of equality, human value, human dignity. Then rest of world will have bragging rights to praise you and undying respect for atheism.

    Atheism already destroyed Soviet Union, North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela etc. Wants to destroy every country. Atheism is proven failed ideology.

    Have no morals as reference point, should have no right to make decisions affecting majority.

    Praise celebrities shamelessly cover their dirty deeds and critize every other.

    Discuss a problem with 'expert panel', blame vehemently all others, but ignore the root cause ie evil pre-existing in everyone.

    Have the conclusion written first to blame a target group, and then find favorable witnesses to pretend justifications.

    Atheism never produced a line that is comforting on a death bed.

    That's why I left atheism.

    Reject marxist atheism. They transform communities to worst than third world countries.

    And remember old times, original godly roots and foundations, there is profit in it. Each individual is fallen, broken to core already and needs healing, purpose, meaning, acceptance, forgiveness, hope, eternity which are available for free.