5th set of hostages released after cease-fire extended

Hamas freed 12 hostages and 30 Palestinian prisoners were released by Israel, according to Israeli and Qatar officials.

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. I wonder who the lady is that works for red cross she's so cute

  2. America got no friends the middle east friends with Russia and China

  3. The Pope said that Israel also committed acts of terrorism. How many children did IDF kill in Gaza?

  4. Breaking the psychological infrastructure of Hamas is so important. I wish the international community would promise lavish living to each person who provides intel informing where the hostages are being held. Homes in the countries of their choice, money in the bank 💰 that will last them the rest of their lives, etc. dropped from heaven into the laps of waiting individuals in the form of millions of leaflets from Israeli planes. I know Israel has already done this to some extent in the past, and I’m wondering if it has been effective. If the informants are allowed to retain their anonymity and work securely with the intelligence services, confirming and even airlifting these informants to immediate safety. This sounds like it might have great appeal. Why not?

  5. That almost sounds like someone is finally reporting, that

  6. I don't think hamas is growing in popularity, the Palestinians are slipping away from their brains wash

  7. so hostage was also able to keep the dog? everything we are told and seen by media just does not add up.

  8. I get it now – when Youtube censors a reply comment, it disappears from the list, but the count does not change. In this way, you can tell how many comments YouTube has removed from a set of replies.

  9. Europeans have always had a Jewish problem throughout history and have tried various forms of isolation and extermination, including ghetto settlements, programs, and the Holocaust. Muslims have never had that! Jews lived freely for centuries in Palestine, Egypt, Baghdad, Cairo, Morocco and other places. the actual flourishing in Islamic Spain. Then in the late century ideas such as separation of religion, nationalism, socialism, communism and others emerged. Zionism was their latest version. the same religious fanatics who have persecuted Jews throughout history began supporting Zionism. They do not want the Jew to live among them. Zionism led by Theodore Hertzel held their first Zionism Congress in Basel, Switzerland in 1897 and later British Foreign Secretary Balfoure made his infamous declaration in 1917, both with the same goal of solving this "Jewish problem." thus began this colonial imperialism and now apartheid enterprise

  10. I can see how Israel is holding both goals of getting the hostages back and neutralizing Hamas simultaneously. The cease fire while getting the hostages back will give Hamas time to restock and regroup, and they will get back prisoners. But at that point, Israel will be able to go in and really do a number on the regrouped, enlarged Hamas including the prisoners that were released and all the ammo and supplies they gathered during the cease fires. Whammo!

  11. Indeed, both the claims that Israeli intelligence was caught off guard by the Hamas attack and the claims that Israel is targeting Gaza exclusively against Hamas are highly suspect and deserve careful scrutiny. Israel has never been above killing Palestinian civilians and there is no reason to believe that Israeli intelligence did not miss this attack to justify long-standing plans such as the elimination of Gaza as Palestinian territory. Both statements could be false, but from a common sense point of view it seems extremely unlikely. If you want to support the Israeli bombing campaign in Gaza, then go ahead, and if you want to uncritically accept the official version of Saturday's /07.10/ attack, then do so. But don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining.

  12. Israel forever NATO world Europe forever protect your land

  13. This bloody hands of Hamas is keeping all kids from 18-26 because they had military trained in the past.

  14. It’s not disproportionate!!! Wtf are you talking about lady! Do you know how many children and adults the idf arrests daily?! It’s absurd! Many don’t even have an actual charge! 3 to 1 hostage is not disproportionate. Wow you are uneducated lady and shouldn’t even be allowed to speak on the manner

  15. So they raped some women and then are releasing others as political pawns and you think the Arab community protects women? Bruh what???

  16. Who abducts children and women and with terrible sadism forces them to wave goodbye to them while leaves their fathers in captivity Israel is dealing with animals