7 Americans Released In Rare Prisoner Swap With Venezuela

Seven Americans who were detained by Venezuela are now released in a rare prisoner swap with Venezuelan president Nicholas Maduro’s government. The freed Americans include five oil executives who were detained 5 years ago. Former U.S. marine veteran Matthew Heath and Osman Khan a Florida man arrested in January were also released. In exchange, senior administration officials made the ‘painful’ decision to grant clemency to Franqui Flores and Efrain Campo, also known as the “Narco-Nephews.”

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  1. All the good work that the DEA agents did just went to the waste bin 🤦🏻‍♂️

  2. Too bad they didn’t do everything they could to bring every American home all the time that they could do something

  3. I live in China. Everything is miserable here, but no one dares to complain.
    Seriously if there is next life, I wish to be born in any other country, except China..

  4. Grinder was wrongfully detained? Really? It is a joke to say that.

  5. Venezuela sees the writing on the wall .. russia is losing a war and its influence over its ability to promote violence and political domination over weaker countries so its hedging its bets that if they do this one humanitarian.. and politically upstanding thing by releasing innocent american citizens the back lash from the USA might be less when russia doesnt back the venezuelain government anymore..

  6. Criminals trading criminals for other criminals. And its LEGAL?

  7. So they weren't Americans….

  8. The drug brothers had info on Hunter, so Biden wanted them out of America asap. Smart decision to keep 'Cocaine' Hunter out of jail where he belongs.

  9. It's weird how they all have the same busted up knees.

  10. 5 oil executives free ok and one marine and normal person how about just the two the other five rich pedos should rot.

  11. I just cashed out the $5000 Maskoffweb topped up account this morning. Never thought it was real until I withdrew am so happy thanks a lot

  12. I just cashed out the $5000 Maskoffweb topped up account this morning. Never thought it was real until I withdrew am so happy thanks a lot

  13. Sooo…. the real reason behind the swap is to garner low priced oil from Venezuela. Let's not forget just last year he went to the dictator begging for oil, after cutting our production.

  14. First you swap the prisoners then you trade the oil then you get the women.

  15. поздравления, благодарности Эль Президенте Мадуро в связи с недавним пополнением в вашей семье. Я уверен, что они очень рады вернуться домой в Венесуэлу. Здесь, в Америке, мы тоже очень рады, что наши мужчины вернулись домой. Мы здесь, в Америке, будем чрезвычайно благодарны за освобождение двух бывших «зеленых беретов» из венесуэльской тюрьмы. Я надеюсь, что будет рассмотрено еще много релизов. Будьте уверены, что бывшие «зеленые береты» не представляют угрозы венесуэльскому правительству. Они хотят вернуться домой, как и другие в ваших тюрьмах.


  17. I think it's hilarious,all these prisoner releases from abroad, and poor Brittany Griner still sittin in Russia

  18. the united states has been humiliated by joe biden himself…negotiating with a terrorist dictatorship 7 hostages…by two convicted drug traffickers

  19. why these Republicans went to Venezuela in the first place…. what a waste effort to let go drug traffickers in exchange

  20. Ive never known about these captive americans. Is there more prisoner we dont know about?

  21. Thank God!, God bless America!!!

  22. Lol white Americans

  23. Something that Donald Trump couldn't do in office. I'm glad these folks are back.

  24. It took 5 years?! 🤦🏼‍♂️

  25. so i guess the narco nephews are getting away with cocaina traffic?

  26. Send them to Martha’s cineyard

  27. Once AGAIN #Biden has done more than trumps golf outings.