Thursday , January 27 2022
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7 Killed In Explosion At Suspected Test Site For Secret Nuclear-Propelled Missile | NBC Nightly News

Five nuclear scientists, described as the elite of Russia’s main nuclear test site, were killed at the Russian nuclear test site, along with two others.
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7 Killed In Explosion At Suspected Test Site For Secret Nuclear-Propelled Missile | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Were the bodies checked for radiation before being handled by the funeral home and the pallbearers?

  2. In Putin's Russia , Chernobyl comes to you . 😂😂😂

  3. I want to feel sad, but they were developing a weapon of mass destruction, intended for us. Sorry for their families, but I’m happy Putin lost some of his high ranked scientists.

  4. Ok the isrealis have chance hhhhh you must pray for better luck next time
    You make the devil angry the devil will make you angry

  5. Western Terrorist agencies sabotaged experiment. 100% guarantee.

  6. No missile can go thousands of miles on fuel it has to self supply, unless it's a quarter mile long, it can't hold enough fuel. Nuclear reactors will never be stable enough to withstand the g's of a trip that fast. Russia is a fake military power.

  7. Mr. Putin, you'll shoot your eye out if you keep playing with those Red Ryder' nuclear missles.

  8. This missile is an aggressive act of war. It's past time to give Putin the nuclear war he's always wanted.

  9. Russia isn't embarrassed, they're thrilled. The test went as expected.

  10. WTH were the top scientists all doing at the test site? So much for a back up plan! God help us all with this kind of stupidity.

  11. YOUR TOP 5 NUCLEAR SCIENTISTS bwahahahaha wow putin really pooped the bed on this one

  12. That man is going to literally poison his own people & country for all eternity. May God show him No Mercy when his time comes. Russia was a beautiful country centuries ago. Catherine the Great opened Her country & Lifted Up Her People. The Arts & Science's flourished as well literature. The citizens quality of life was improved. Russia has Always been a Country of many diverse groups of people, albeit caucasian, but all the years of communism & isolation from the rest of the world destroyed them. I liked Gorbachev & I so wanted to like Putin & really hoped he would be the one to bring Russia into the modern world with an open mind & goodwill. He had a chance to really raise up his people & country & instead it seems he's bent on being a Thug, just like Lenin & Stalin & many more . I am not foolish, I know trump is the same, only stupid. Same for the republicans & I am sure, some Dems too. With the world in the shape she is in, it would be nice to see some Real Honesty, Dignity, Respect, Kindness & above All, PEACE FOR ALL PEOPLE.

  13. 7 people died in Russia means a couple thousand died

  14. Here you go, Putin told us that he'll be shooting his version of HBO's Chernobyl…

  15. Russian paranoia has cost many lives over the years. The US saved their 'butts' during WWII and they returned the favor by being our enemies ever since. They blame the US (big surprise) of wanting their destruction, but who is ACTUALLY destroying them??? Their own violent, paranoid "leaders"!

  16. Russia and China always deny. Russia officer blamed the US for causing the Kursk disaster.

  17. Why build more lawlessness weapons, just fire off the ones you got…

    That's why you built them, the apocalypse.

  18. It’s a trope in movies involving Russian scientist and researchers that they’re purposely killed once they’ve fulfilled their purpose to prevent anybody from knowing about it…

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