Friday , January 22 2021


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  1. LEssons I have learned in 72 years…well maybe only 55,of,shopping for clothes: the Zimmerman skirt….ie buy out of season or seasonal markdowns esp on basics and classics that will be in your closet for years so you can buy the best quality for your budget….for my children I ONLY bought clothes for the year ahead…shoes had to be fitted but clothes were for the next winter at the end of one….Now I buy many things at resale…expensive items like silk button up blouses even silk scarves, many times blazers…I buy the styles best for my body rather than the current year…Josie shops to be in style, I shop to look my best in the navy blazer that best suits my body in the quality fabrics I enjoy and can afford very high end ones by buying resale. Pantone selects new colors for each season every year…you can check out coming years in advance on Pinterest eg Spring 2021 to see these in advance. Colors or near colors cycle back in. and out just as styles do. If you li,e to add touches of in fashion colors to your outfits check out upcoming color trends whenever you are doing closet purges so you dont inadvertently toss a color that will be trendy next year and has been your favorite before…or do what Josie does and stick to a palette year after year that blends well and suits your coloring for me those are tourquoises and aquas in scarves, blouses, etc those I wear as staples but many times they are not available.Those are my signature minor colors.

  2. YES! WHat Josie says is backed up by decades of research on marketing. I was an academic psychologist who taught under grad and grad students. WHen I was preparing for my career in the 70s there were not many faculty positions in psych filled by women. So…..I prepared for multiple career paths just in case. I took a grad course in marketing taught by a former Pres of the American Marketing Association at the Kellogg School of Business , part of Northwestern Univeristy…I took Industrial Engineering courses at the School of Engineering ie things like time and motion studies and application of psychology to manufacturing ….motivating workers,etc. There is so much research from multiple disciplines now on consumer behavior but most of it comes down to psychology and is fascinating. THanks for this fun post!!

  3. Excellent content Josie!

  4. What's funny as nothing sends me running more than a shop assistant trying to approach me or an empty boutique!

  5. thank you for the video beauty – can we just have a talk thru video? The counting down is "cheapening" your video's – 9 things, 7 ways – this is only my opinion beautiful but some of us like you in your full talk – you may not sound rushed presenting as well – please understand this is not a critisim of you – I appreciate the content and love you and your channel. It's just my opinion. xo

  6. It’s crazy that shops are actually always behind designers because they are always two seasons ahead of the current merchandise. That’s another trick they use because you may need the items for Spring even though they are prepping for fall/winter is the pre spring and pre summer items. I mean who really needs these? They are very strategic this way and get you to purchase more in the stores or online

  7. I love seeing you everyday. Somehow I always end up wanting whaterver you are wearing. You look so stilish! 😍

  8. Josie thank you so much for this valuable information. I have a question I would think it is ILLEAGAL to puo a logo on the bottle & it is not the actually brand in the bottle.One is paying for something that one thinks is the authentic item Could you elaborate on this for me . Thank you for all your hard work you do to bring us exciting videos ! Have a lovely day ( Judy )

  9. I hate when workers follow me around or try to remember me (besides the cashier). It’s like having an annoying little brother or sister asking to come shopping with you.

  10. Thanks for sharing this information. Shopping psychology is fascinating!

  11. Absolutely loved your last few videos. This was really interesting! It would be great to see more stuff like this xx

  12. this was SO interesting thank you for sharing <3

  13. This is so up my alley. Thank you for a super interesting video. At uni we learned about consumer behavior in general and I remember how it was with grocery stores. Where items are placed! The best spots are within eye height, they sell more, and they often place essentials as milk/bread etc at the opposite end of the store so you have to pass many products and potentially buy more. And it’s the same with things placed close to the cash register, it’s easy to snap up a chocolate or soda if you see it while waiting. You might be tempted for longer if you are stuck in a line compared to when you just pass an isle. Plus you might shop while hungry so it’s quick and easy. I would love more of these types of videos Josie:)

  14. Great video Josie! It is an interesting topic. I love getting your insight. 💕

  15. BRILLIANT👏🏾Josie🌞darling 🤗 Having my degree in Design and Merchandising, I too know what's behind the curtain!! Share with all who will listen & become more Savvy Shoppers'! It's long overdue for we the consumers to change the game ❣️🤗

  16. I have a rule that if I walk into a nice clothing store Anywhere,if the workers don't great me with a friendly "hello",I don't buy. I can't tell you how Many times I have entered an elite shop,have them glance up then go back to what they are doing and ignore me the whole time I am in the store. Nope. Thankyou so much for this video! 🙂

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