Monday , September 27 2021
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8-year-old Ocasio-Cortez impersonator makes a splash online

Eight-year-old Ava Martinez on the success of her videos online in which she impersonates Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

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  1. This little sox,has better manners

  2. Being taught to hate at a young age what a shame.

  3. Lol. The lipstick and the glasses 😀

  4. She did not wanna be there. Poor kid. Hilarious videos tho. Too bad she’s not doing it anymore.

  5. They do have the same voice

  6. “How did this get started”

    “Well my dad and my uncle…”


  7. Perfect 😂😂😂 give this girl EVERYTHING ♥️

  8. The real AOC is dumb as a rock, but hot as hell. I am torn.

  9. Of course, being 8 years old, she had to dumb down quite a bit to get into character…

  10. She is Awesome! May God bless and protect her and her family!

  11. Ava Martinez, you are beautiful! You are the future senator and president of the USA!

  12. Beautiful young lady. And the senator must impeach terrorism to a US citizen.

  13. She needs to have that bulging eye thing going…lol

  14. Wayyyyyyyy smarter than AOC

  15. At least shes down to earth

  16. Bullies always attack those weaker- Babies, elderly, and now children! Its called satire, its not like she held a severed bloody head of her. Kathy Griffin lovers!

  17. A O C has more of a adolescent voice

  18. She is so cute doing this keep it up blessed you

  19. Can we replace Ocasio Cortez with Eva Martinez?

  20. Mini AOC, pls come back. We terribly miss you. The liberals are so coward. They are scared of this smart 8-yr-old kid. And they want to fight Trump? ? ? They are morons. We love u Mini AOC.

  21. I think this girl is a super intelligent idiocies she's a super idiot

  22. Leftists will call her a white supremacist.😆

  23. she'll be living under water when shes 40

  24. Kinda awkward interview of an "8" year old.
    (Did you really expect her to understand everything? At 8years of age….?)
    Still, AOC and Ava sound similar… but thats comparing a young child to a congress woman.

  25. Pure parental abuse in the form of brainwashing and putting their child out there into the arena of political battle.

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