Thursday , January 27 2022
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8-Yr-Old Basketbal Star Says Being Deaf Has No Limits | NBC Nightly News

Ask 8-year-old Zeke Ortiz what he wants to be when he grows up, and he’ll answer without hesitation — a pro basketball player.
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8-Yr-Old Basketbal Star Says Being Deaf Has No Limits | NBC Nightly News


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  1. I kind of want him to make it to the league when he get older the first deaf player going crazy

  2. I’m half deaf in my left ear I’m 12

  3. Daphne Vasquez could never
    Her wig has been flown (like if you know what I’m talking about)

  4. that referee at 1:10 is weird. i see him everywhere, he refs my basketball games and coaches his team so wrongly

  5. When your def cant you write notes

  6. Wow I'd like to play "basketbal" too…WHAT IS IT THOUGH

  7. And yep I know him he goes in my school and not anymore he in middle school

  8. That’s really good hope he goes far

  9. What would the school report say for speaking and listening

  10. I’m a Scottish dead American football player. Who recently went dead. So I don’t know sign language but can read lips. My football team is very good and helps me a lot, my coaches use a note pad but it’s hard to know what the qb says but I cope. I played basketball but my old team used to bully me for it so I gave it up. I want those who are deaf to know that if one sports not for you then find a team that are willing to help❤️❤️

  11. Doesn’t know how to spell basketball

  12. Has his SIGHTS set on the nba smh

  13. “I’m open, pass the ball”

  14. At least he will have good court vision

  15. You can’t at least spell ball right

  16. That poor kid, yet such an inspiration. I think even we as adults should learned from a rave kid like him. God bless this wonderful family.

  17. the thumbnail was spelt wrong

  18. Amazing one question did they hire and Intemperate..??

  19. Well yeah but he didn't say anything, did he?

  20. You're at a disadvantage communicating so you are gonna need to work harder to be a pro life is not fair sorry

  21. He might be able to become our new Michael Jordan


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